How to Survive The Holiday Shopping Season

How to Survive The Holiday Shopping Season – Anti Black Friday Post

It’s a war out there. The enemy is aligning the troops and throwing propaganda over our walls. Everywhere you look you see the face of the hostile. You hear him speak. You feel his presence. You see others failing under his command and you’re one step away from giving up. One step away from hitting that buy button.

Breaking free from consumerism is one thing, surviving Black Friday deals and the holiday shopping season is a whole new game.

Black Friday hits us where it hurts. Right in the feelings: You’ve always wanted enormously big TV? Sure, there are on sale right now. Two big TV on the price of one. Don’t need two 72 inch plasmas? Who does, right? Still, it’s a deal you can’t easily neglect and you happily give all of your money.

Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping seasons. It’s the day you say goodbye to all of your savings. It’s the day you and your bank become besties. The day you can throw away your wallet because a) you’ll surely get a wallet as a gift, even though it will probably suck b) you won’t actually need one, you won’t have anything to put inside, why own it.

Let me ask you this: How many times you’ve waited for Black Friday so you can purchase a new phone, or a new washing machine, or probably a new iron?

You tell your mind that you’ll only buy this single item and you’ll close all other sites and never set foot in the mall.

Yet, how many times you’ve actually purchased one single thing on Black Friday, Christmas sale or whatever?

Never, right?

Big companies earn big bucks exactly from this type of behavior.

They lure us inside their strategically arranged structures, throw at us HUGE discounts but and finally, we end spending the rent money.

If you too struggle to resist the temptation of Black Friday deals, you need a plan and you need to read the below, it’s free, for now:

Why You Need To Prepare For Black Friday?

Here I don’t mean prepare, like “to check all stores around your perimeter and to get the best possible deals on Black Friday (i.e. spend all of your money for junk).”

What I actually mean is “to not spend a dime and more importantly don’t convince your mind that you need something because you most probably don’t.” 

So, in order to prepare ourselves, we need to get a full grasp of the situation and fully understand what we’re up against:

You know that big brands have marketing departments, right?

I bet you do.

But do you know what’s one of the obligations of these teams?

  • Create ads? Yep;
  • Pretend they are doing something? Maybe.

But the key reasons big companies throw money for statistics, analysis, psychological research, target groups and people who can actually make sense of all this data is to make customers buy. Buy. Buy. Buy. Not one thing, 10 things.

We collect and use coupon codes during Black Friday brand owners fish:

  • Buy one get one free;
  • 60% Off sale;
  • 75% Off;
  • Almost free…

All these messages, signs, emails have one goal: To make us enter their stores. Offline or online, it doesn’t matter.

You buy one thing, your cheeks turn red. You get two. Your heart starts beating. You gain momentum with each new thing you put inside the basket.

We go to the mall on Black Friday for one particular product. Usually, for something we saw online or on a commercial but we end up with full baskets and empty wallets.

The flashing signs are the bait and we’re the fish.

Once you’re in the store there is no escaping. You enter a controlled environment where everything is designed to keep you there as long as you have money to spend. Even further. Some stores have agents that will happily give you an additional credit so you can own brand new 200 Watt speakers that you’ll probably don’t need, but hell, they’ll be a great addition to your Black Friday Instagram stories.

The moment you enter a store you’re behind enemy lines.

Everything inside is well-thought so it can influence our senses:

  • The messages in front of the store;
  • The color combination;
  • The friendly doorman;
  • The smell inside the store;
  • The arrangement of the products;

Even the invariant right technique smart owners use to sell us their most expensive goods. Basically, this technique suggests placing your “must see” items to the right of the store.2

This is a basically science.

But it’s not only the design or the catchy titles, it’s also everyone around.

Society Brainwashed

When there is a promotion announced you have a decision to make, whether to spend your full salary on things you don’t need or actually feel contempt with the things you already own.

The latter is kind of boring.


Well, you can share nothing on Instagram. That’s why people constantly buy. So they can share. It’s a vicious cycle.

Think about it. What’s your best friend doing right now on his phone? Probably searching for something to buy on Black Friday. Probably messaging his favorite company to ask if they’re going to have a deal.

It’s like we’re all brainwashed. Like a scene from a horror movie where everyone has turned into zombies and screaming “MORE STUFF”, instead of “BRAINS”.

The key reason you decide to go “buy stuff” it’s because everyone around us is doing it. Kind of like religion, social media, and other modern cults. If we don’t get anything on Black Friday we’ll felt left out. The FOMO thing will kick in and ruin our day. Our friends will think that we’re losers and won’t invite us in their homes so we can all together tear the packages of all the stuff we just bought.

In a way, this Black Friday obsession is primitive.

We tend to act like animals when the day after Thanksgiving comes. We fight for products. We sleep in front of store so we can be of the first to get a new iPhone, for instance.

Things are crazy for a day or two and once the buzz is over we’re again back to our normal days: complaining that we don’t have enough money and that our boss is a jerk for not raising our salary.

How To Survive The Shopping Season Without Having To Sell Your Kidney?

You don’t have to sell your organs to survive the day after Thanksgiving. You can simply follow the steps:

1. Share It Online

Or with friends in person if you’re like me, not using social media as much as the other half of the planet.

Say something like: “FU Black Friday. You won’t make me your slave. I’m going to buy 0 things this season.”

What’s the worse that can happen?

Some people will hate you about this others will like you. Also, there will be one third group of people that won’t give a fuck about what you’ve just posted – as always.

So, just say it.

This will hold you accountable and help you stay away from the mall.

2. Keep Yourself Busy

Last year I had so much work to do that I completely forgot that it was the day where stuff are almost free.

I realized this fact when I got home but I was so tired that I didn’t want to look for “one of a kind offers.”

If you plan to go to the mall on Black Friday you’re basically scheduling a time and date to get into debt. You’re literally saying to yourself: “OK, today I’m going hard. We’ll spend all of our savings if needed. The goal is to get the best deals.”

Do something else instead. Everything else will work. Go drink a bear. Change your tires. Read a newspaper. Do your job.

3. It’s NOT a limited time offer

Big companies will have you believe that you’ll never see another deal like this. In reality, there will surely be similar deal in the future.

Most probably not in the next couple of months but surely there will be something similar in the near feature, if not even better.

You don’t need limited time offers on Black Friday, you need limited exposure to offers.

You don’t need limited time offers on Black Friday, you need limited exposure to offers.

4. Donate The Money

Instead of exchanging gifts for Christmas, gather all the money and donate them to a good cause.

Do you really need another Christmas candle or another coffee glass? I bet you don’t.

Talk to your parents, your friends and the usual suspects who love gift giving and pitch this idea to them.

When you mention something like this, especially in front of other people, you put the person in a really nasty situation. You put them on the spot with a request which if they turn down, will mean that they are careless of the feelings of others. Something nobody wants.

5. Use Black Friday, Don’t Let it Use You

My final advice will be to make Black Friday your bitch.

Make it your slave. Cheat the system and make corporations miserable by getting only one item. Only the thing you wanted. The one you wanted to buy a few moths back but you decided to wait so you can save a few bucks.

If you really need a laptop, or a new vacuum cleaner, wait for that day and get it. Take advantage of Black Friday to pay less for that one item. Don’t go crazy and spend more because of the savings, turn Black Friday around and make it work for you instead of against you.


Take a break from all this shopping and remind yourself why we celebrate in the first place.

It’s surely not to get our hands on more expensive stuff that we’ll most probably never going to use. It’s also not a competition to find the best deal or stuff our social media profile with pictures of everything you’ve got.

It’s the time of the year where you can actually have a conversation with your favorite people and remind yourself why you love to hang around them.

And surely hanging around doesn’t necessarily have to involve spending X amount of money on stuff no one likes.

If your mind is still cluttered with sinful thoughts about buying more stuff regardless of the fact that you’ve read the whole article, consider going minimal.

Now, if you’re against Black Friday, like me, add the official hashtag in your new posts: #fublackfridayilovewhatihave.


  1. This comes from the fact that the majority of the people walking through the doors of a store will head towards the right. Mainly we, the right-handed people, do it because we're right-hande. Duh. Read more about this revolutionary finding, here.
  2. This comes from the fact that the majority of the people walking through the doors of a store will head towards the right. Mainly we, the right-handed people, do it because we’re right-handed. Duh. Read more about this revolutionary finding, here.

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