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Why NOT join?

I’ll be honest: Originally, like many other similar pages online, this part of the site was planned to sell you my membership program. To convince you, persuade you even, that you should give me a portion of your hard-earned cash. But I’m not going to do that. I want to start by saying that you probably don’t need to become a member.

If you don’t value books, doing, learning new things, taking action, I want to save you some $$$ by telling you, “Don’t sign up!”

But if you do value those things. And if you want to support me for the work I do. I’ll be happy to tell you more about why you should join.

Why DO support the site?

I devote a large portion of my life inside (mostly online) libraries. Searching, restlessly, for the best nonfiction books ever published and then sharing the key ideas in a form of a summary.

The goal?

To expose more people to big, potentially life-changing ideas.

By becoming a member of my site you’re not only getting access to the ever-growing library of ideas. You’re voting for the work I do but most importantly, you’re choosing to expose yourself to media that can be beneficial to your long-term goals instead of indulging in vices such as mindless scrolling and binge-watching shows.

What you get when you join?

Full access to all the book summaries published on my site. There are currently over 100 titles summarized.

These mini-versions of famous books include a short overview of the contents of the actual title, an analysis of the most important lessons discussed in the book, a section with actionable notes that will prompt you to act, a downloadable PDF, and commentary. All written and edited by me, a passionate librarian and book nerd, Ivaylo Durmonski.

Additionally, access to my online course: Internet Competence.

The main benefits:

Here are all the benefits you get if you decide to become a member:

  • Quality summaries: I spend an awful amount of time understanding the big ideas inside the books I read because I actually read the books I summarize (duh!).
  • Digest books faster: Sometimes, you don’t need 300+ pages to understand the main concept of the book. I make sure you get the essential lessons and presented them in a nicely designed post.
  • Actionable notes: Reading books matters but only if you act on them. You’ll find “Actionable Notes” section inside each one of the summaries, giving you clear guides of things to do.
  • Downloadable worksheets: All summaries come with an accompanying worksheet where you’ll find difficult to answer questions. Along with that, you can take notes directly inside.
  • Distraction-free (ad-free): I hate ads and I have a strong feeling that you hate them too. Well, you won’t see a single ad pixel floating around my site, blocking your view and trying to convince you to purchase things you don’t need.
  • Support independent publishing: By becoming a member of my site you take a stand. You say, “Hey, Ivaylo. I love what you’re doing and I want to help you continue what you do best!”

How to join:

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All options give full access to the exact same content on my site. Still, if you want to give a little extra, you can consider the Patron membership and get featured on my Patrons page.

Simple pricing. I won’t try to upsell you along the way. You’ll have access to everything for as long as you’re a member. All plans renew automatically. Of course, if you like, you can easily cancel the subscription. All prices are in USD dollars. And, all plans come with 14 days full money-back guarantee.

Words from members

Here’s what other readers—like you—are saying about my work:

“I have been following Ivaylo for some time and interchanged some emails about a Greene’s book. The part that really got me is the completely different approach he have on the subject of the book. Is not the book in few words, is more the essence of the book, what the author hide between the lines.

Francisco Q.

“I think you are the best thing since sliced bread. WOW! is all I can say. I showed my colleagues your website and they were blown away. I could spend hours on your site. Thank you!”


This website is… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally! I’ve found something which can help me become more productive. Thanks a lot!

Laura Seaver

“I love your content and I am totally sure that you are going to save my life. You’re the man, that probably saved me hundreds of hours reading and procrastination. You inspired me to write a blog about health and nutrition. Thanks again!”


“10/10 love this site. Mostly objective (some subjectivity interjected) reviews of the actual content. It’s saved me a lot of time and money on disappointing books and made me reconsider others.”

Natascha Stevko

“I haven’t been able to log out of your site. Like clockwork, I find myself coming here every evening to read more, to learn more and to do more from it. Your summaries are very well written, very actionable and very thoughtfully presented.”

Rishi Bhatnagar

Who is behind this?

My name is Ivaylo Durmonski. I believe that reading good literature can improve humanity for the better. But there is a problem: people stopped reading at some point.

I read best-selling (and not only) nonfiction books and I share the most important lessons in an easily digestible format.

I hope that by making the ideas inside great books more accessible, I can inspire more people to stop wasting their precious moments exploring degenerating online rabbit holes, and encourage them to focus their waking hours on doing something worthwhile.

How the funds will be used?

Simply put, for my survival and the continuation of my project (a.k.a. this site). This is a one-person operation that’s entirely funded by membership.

I have no intention to sell your eyeballs by flooding my site with ads, sell your data, sell you t-shirts, or convince you that my 1-2-3 step program will magically make you a millionaire. I write, and people who consider the information valuable can support my work.

Funds are used to cover the expenses and also justify the time needed to keep this project moving forward. I’m an ambitious guy and I plan on summarizing at least 1,000 books. (Based on my current pace this means that it will take me another 22 years).

If you like the content and you want to see more articles and summaries published, consider becoming a proud member. Thank you in advance!

Buy me a book:

So yes, that’s it. If you’re a fan. You adore books. You consider libraries magical, by becoming a member you’re basically buying me my next book (or a stack of books).

You can become a MONTHLY ($7 USD), YEARLY ($70 USD), or PATRON ($100 USD) supporting member.

Again, all options give full access to the exact same content on my site. Still, if you want to give a little extra, you can consider the Patron membership and get featured on my Patrons page.

Simple pricing. I won’t try to upsell you along the way. You’ll have access to everything for as long as you’re a member. All plans renew automatically. Of course, if you like, you can easily cancel the subscription. All prices are in USD dollars. And, all plans come with 14 days full money-back guarantee.

Potential questions and answers:

I just found your site. Are you another self-proclaimed guru?

Not at all. I’m just an ordinary guy who reads a lot. I started this site to note the most important things I learn from the books I read. I don’t promise eternal existence or six figures income. My summaries are designed to give you the essential info from the best-selling books on the market and inspire you to make a positive change in your life. Still, I don’t believe I have all the answers.

What happens when you sign up?

The account that will be created when you register will unlock all the book summaries for as long as you’re a member. Also, your email will be added to my twice a month newsletter (if you’re still not a subscriber). This way, you will receive the newly published summaries via email.

Are your summaries replacements of the books?

My book summaries are not a replacement of the books themselves. By no means, I want to discourage you from reading books – quite the opposite. My hope here is to inspire you to read more. My summaries represent a compressed view of the ideas shared by the author narrated by me.

How often do you publish summaries?

In 2019, I read 40 books and I published the same amount of summaries. I strive to keep a pace of around one book per 10 days. Still, sometimes, I need a bit more time to finish the book that will be later summarized. Or in other words, the minimum is 2 book summaries per month while the maximum is 4.

There are free book summaries online? Why ask for money?

Indeed, there are. While I too love free stuff online, the only way I can continue doing what I’m doing is by getting paid for it. And since I don’t want to stuff my site with ads, prompt you to buy t-shirts, or promote Audible like many other content creators, the membership option is the best way to keep this project running.

Still, why not free?

Running a website is not free, you know? There are certain costs involved: You have to pay for hosting, domain name, email services, etc. But these things are nothing compared to the real cost: time. I need a lot of time to read the actual books and later summarize them. Besides, people don’t really appreciate free stuff. You give someone a free meal and he’ll complain that you didn’t bring any desert.

Is there a free trial?

Nope. But you can read these 3 summaries completely free of charge to see what you can expect: herehere, and here.

Do you offer refunds? Can I cancel?

Yes and Yes. If you suddenly decide that you don’t want to be a member of my site I can refund the payment in full within the first 14 days – simply contact me. Also, if you become a member and if you decide to cancel you can do so from the account area you’ll have access to as a member at any given moment.

More questions?

If you have more questions in regards my membership program you can send me an email at hi@durmonski.com.

Still here and reading?

Thank you for taking the time to read everything.

If you consider my work valuable, but if you’re still not ready to become a member, that’s totally fine. You can subscribe to my free newsletter and (if you DO want to help) share my content with your friends. This will help me tremendously in spreading the word out so that potentially more people can find valuable books to read.