Beyond Discipline Course

Imagine how good you’d be at something if you’d done it every day since last year…

The World is Changing

We live in an attentional pathogenic culture. The era we can safely label as a treacherous labyrinth full of distractions. Full of sources that infect our thoughts and succumb our bodies to the never-ending stream of temptations.

Our collapsing ability to pay attention to the things that matter is usurped by the avalanche of things that don’t.

Daily, our minds are seduced by the siren song of endless entertainment and consumerism. Both of these things come with the promise to make our lives good today, but slowly destroying our future state.

You Either Progress or Regress

In the cacophony of the 21st century where the promise is ease and comfort. Many noble souls are transformed into mere sloths – content to remain ensconced in the arms of instant gratification.

Instead of using the technological marvels to our advantage. We are used by the modern tools available…

  • Social media is not used as a tool to improve reality. It’s a way to escape reality.
  • The available goods are not used to reach higher goals. Obtaining more of these goods is the only goal some of us have.
  • The free flow of information online is not used to improve our condition. It often diminishes our condition because we’re constantly distracting ourselves with more.

What is the common trend here?

You are not in control of your actions. You are seduced by outside forces nudging you to descend into a spiraling abyss of madness and self-destruction.

Reclaiming Autonomy

Imagine your world where instead of constantly being pulled in all directions. You are actively marching in one direction.

The direction you want. Not the direction others are trying to push you towards.

Navigating in the treacherous sea of distractions and temptation is possible. And it starts with realizing the following…

Since the streams of temptations trying to derail your progress is a force. You need counterforce.

But to get such power, you don’t have to look outside. This is something already available inside.

It’s the force of self-discipline.

A force strong, and powerful enough to help you fight the ongoing battle with temptations that reappear endlessly. Plus, assist you in identifying worthy-to-pursue values. And, the strength to actually obtain them.

The Power of Self-Discipline


The Beyond Discipline Course.

Within the depths of your overly distracted mind lies an ally. A power capable of shaping your destiny based on your deepest desires.

The Beyond Discipline Course will help you find that inner strength. Help you slash through the shackles of procrastination and doubt. Empowering you to manifest unwavering focus and take decisive action toward your desired future.

This course acts as a shield of resilience. Granting the brave enough to join the ability to resist the seductive allure of instant gratification.

But not only…

The material also functions as a sharp blade.

Giving you the internal drive to daily act in accordance with your ambitious intentions.


The Beyond Discipline Course

By deciding to get this course. You enter a journey. A journey of self-discovery. A journey of uncovering your inner powers. Set of forces that will convert you into a noble Paladin guided by pure discipline and sheer ambition.

The course will help you obtain:

  1. Greater Resilience
    Your ability to resist temptations will increase from zero to some.
  2. Better Habits
    Your default behavior will change from awful, to awfully good.
  3. Improved Willpower
    Your increased willpower will help you cleanse the stains of vice and usher you into a radiant era of virtues.
  4. Defeat Addictive Behaviors
    Your ability to overcome addictions and stop being distracted by social media will improve your overall well-being.
  5. Upgraded Mindfulness
    Your mind will shift from being captured by the dark forces of distractions, to being focused and calm.
  6. Enhanced Self-Control
    Your relationship with gratification will raise from instantly grabbing the one marshmallow present now, to waiting for the second one.

Inside The Beyond Discipline Course:

The Beyond Discipline Course is like a virtual coaching program. In 5 written chapters, I will walk you step-by-step through a personal discovery process.

Transitioning you from a lazy procrastinator to an individual with a strong commitment to your goals and values. A person who consistently makes choices that align with the desired long-term aspirations.

Each chapter ends with a beautifully designed workbook. A workbook providing specific action steps and resources allowing you to have better control over yourself.

Here’s a short overview of the course:

Chapter 1

In chapter one we’ll talk about the need to have a noble quest in your life. The importance of committing to a cause. A lifestyle. A certain identity.

Chapter 2

In the second chapter, we will figure out what is stopping you from achieving what you want. The obstacles. The never-ending surge of foes trying to destroy you.

Chapter 3

In Chapter 3, we will unlock an arsenal and equip ourselves with weapons. The needed tools to slay the monsters trying to crush our progress, so we can move forward in life with clarity, purpose, and strength.

Chapter 4

Fourth, we’ll talk about the need for a moral code that guides you. The need for strategies that will help you not only act good once. But repeatedly have decent behavior over the course of a lifetime.

Chapter 5

Fifth, and finally, we will create our own personal code of conduct. A framework that you can use daily to keep persisting. Keep progressing and moving forward based on your long-term goals and values.

All of the above is neatly packed in a compelling narrative. A tale of a knight in search of self-discovery in a wicked land crowded with evil creatures.

Are You Ready To Enroll In This Journey?

All in all, this course offers a methodology. A framework for resisting temptations and creating a daily system that keeps you progressing towards your desired future self. It comes with a big caveat: This takes work! I am not selling magic beans here. You have to be committed to doing the work. If you are, I offer everything you’ll need to improve your self-discipline.

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Skills That Will Last You a Lifetime

Master Self-Discipline and Long-Term Thinking

Learn how to create unshakable resilience in a world that tempts us with fleeting pleasures.

The Beyond Discipline Course shows you how to break through the barriers that are holding you back so you can craft a more purposeful, meaningful life.

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The Proof is Others

Here is what others are saying about the course…

“Ivaylo’s track record of distilling heady concepts into manageable chunks of actionable information was one of the reasons I sign up for the course. He didn’t disappoint! Now I finally know what type of behaviors sabotage my progress and how I can maneuver in my day without giving away to temptations.”


“This course is… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally! I’ve found something which can help me become more productive and fight the daily distractions pulling me toward mediocrity. Thanks a lot!”

Clarissa Macgregor

“I love your content and I am totally sure that you are going to save my life. You’re the man, that probably saved me hundreds of hours reading and procrastination. You inspired me to write a blog about health and nutrition. Thanks again!”


“The part that really got me is the completely different approach he has on the subject of self-discipline. It’s not only about obtaining better habits and creating a daily system. But the way to think about your life and all the distractions that are trying to corrupt your life. After going through the course, I just flow with so much clarity. Thank you!”

Andrew Q.

“I am constantly on the search for improving myself. With this course, I now finally have a clear roadmap of what I can do to unlock my potential. Durmonski helped me realize that it’s about action – not just knowing. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in living a life of values and who wants to be in control of their behavior.”

Samantha S.


Who’s the Creator of The Course?

Ivaylo Durmonski (aka the person running this whole site). I’m a voracious reader, librarian, and writer obsessed with helping people transition from passive online consumers to active mindful go-getters with a sense of purpose.

This course is based on everything that made me! The accumulated knowledge I gathered from reading over 200 books and writing over 300 articles.

The knowledge that helped me transition…

  • From an alcohol and nicotine addict who barely moves. To a sober person who runs marathons.
  • From lazy procrastinator without any ambition. To go-getter with a sense of purpose.
  • From overspender with zero savings and constantly looking for something more to buy. To minimalist with hefty investments and uninterested in gaining more material things.

Plainly, being low on self-control means trouble – it leads to addictions, relationship problems, money problems, and so much more. I know this from first-hand experience.

The course will help you summon your inner power and rise victorious in a world full of temptations.

Get Access to The Beyond Discipline Course

Enrollment for 2023 is closed!

Skills That Will Last You a Lifetime

Master Self-Discipline and Long-Term Thinking

Learn how to create unshakable resilience in a world that tempts us with fleeting pleasures.

The Beyond Discipline Course shows you how to break through the barriers that are holding you back so you can craft a more purposeful, meaningful life.

Join the waiting list…

Premium course on discipline. Opening within the next 4 months.

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