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I’m Just A Guy Who’s Passionate About Reading. Oh, And Sharing Ideas!

By summarizing the books I read, I help busy easily-distracted life-long learners, who don’t have time, read more, and take action. Yes, my practical book summaries will gently push you out of your comfort zone to get more done. Sounds cool? Hop on board for updates:

Who am I?

I’m a 30+ years old guy living with a girl in Eastern Europe. I’m a co-founder of a baby boy. I read. I write. I wash dishes. And occasionally, though I mainly read digital books now, I go to the local library to get physical copies. What can I say, I have a thing for hardcover books and bookstores.

Some might say that I’m a blogger, a writer even, but after spending $1,500+ on books and more than 3 years organizing my notes, I consider myself more a librarian than a blog owner.

What I do?

I’m almost famous for primarily doing these 3 things: 1) Publishing cheezy-free articles that aim to introduce you to eye-opening content; 2) Hand-pick, and latter summarize some of the best nonfiction books ever published on the planet; 3) Run a rebellious, potentially life-changing newsletter hoping to navigate you in this disoriented world and help you become more rational.

Why I do it?

It’s simple. The content I produce is to help you escape the hedonic treadmill and find direction in this seemingly directionless world.

While the world is becoming a better place for learning new things. As information becomes more abundant, it’s getting harder and harder to find, digest, and make sense of it all. Naturally, and sadly, instead of using the resources online to gain, we settle for mindless scrolling.

My goal, by promoting reading and digesting some of the greatest books ever published, is to increase your chances of winning at life.

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