An Ever-Growing Library of Book Summaries For People Who Give A Shit

After spending $1,500+ on books and more than 3 years organizing my notes, I’m more librarian than a blogger.

Hey, I’m Ivaylo Durmonski. I’m here to save your life. No, really. Let me tell you how:

Though my basement is now cramped with books I continue to spend like crazy on wrapped pieces of paper for 3 main reasons:

  1. To distill the practical takeaways from books and understand what the author wanted to say
  2. To convey the most important lessons so people with short attention span can get the most out of books
  3. To save humanity from self-destruction

Yes, that last one is essential.


The World is At Danger

While we’re enjoying the perks that come along the 21st century, few really nasty side-effects occur when our online and offline consumption is not supervised: our problem-solving skills degenerate, our lives and minds are cluttered, we get addicted to the wrong things – mindless scrolling, pointless arguments, video games.

And We’re Doing Nothing

Instead of finding ways to cure poverty and figure out how to make online education better, and equally distributed, tech startups are racing to create the next app or service that will “Oh gosh” deliver your food 0.5 milliseconds faster.

Yep, no one seems to care that the current technological advancements are used to add more distractions in our already wrecked lives. Thanks to this, instead of actually doing something worthwhile, we indulge ourselves in even more mindless activities.

But There is Still Hope


Yes, books. Good old fashioned words printed on paper can transform the way you live your life.

But aren’t those hardcovers lengthy?

They certainly are.

I too often get distracted by the long-winded explanations of the authors. That’s why I devote a large portion of my daily life to summarize some of the best nonfiction books on the planet. This way, I make reading more compelling and understanding big juicy, must-know ideas easier.

You Simply Have To Take Action

I know, I know. How will reading change your life, right?

Reading is a passive activity that doesn’t lead to action. At least that’s how most people think.

And this is where I put a grim smile on my face and I tell you about my master plan. About how I identify the need-to-know points in all of the books I read and distill the practical takeaway.

The end result?

An actionable summary containing the best ideas plus go-get-them notes that gently push you out of your comfort zone to get more done.

If you want to learn a shit ton of things but you don’t have much time to sit and read; If you hate yourself for spending a major portion of your day watching Netlfix, my book notes will help you move forward. Show you the right direction and help you advance.

Ultimately, my goal is to create an online library where people can learn the key concepts from worldly popular books. By doing so, I hope that more people will transition from cynical passive online consumers to active mindful go-getters with a sense of purpose.

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