Not Everything You Read is Equally Important

In a world where most people are crazily obsessed with compulsive consumption of irrelevant information. Ivaylo Durmonski focuses on organizing ideas from great books to provoke your thinking, help you progress, stay focused and sane.

Chaos is Lurking

The internet put thousands of years of human knowledge at our fingertips. Yet, we choose to clutter our days with mindless scrolling. Being overwhelmed with information, fake status symbols, and an uncontrollable desire to consume is no longer an isolated act. It’s the norm of our existence.

The constant pressure from the outside world prevents us from progressing both physically and mentally. Our minds become dominated by thoughts that only force us to spend our time competing with others and our money on buying things we don’t really need.

But there is still hope…

Reading Can Help

Many don’t take reading seriously. But good books are the remedy of modern chaos. The hardcover books that are impatiently resting on your shelves hold the power to navigate you in the external world. And, tame the chaotic thoughts that are pulling you in different directions.

In a world full of noise, and our online world becoming even noisier. It’s of high importance to expose yourself to more time-tested ideas. Not, time-wasting trends.

Sadly, even if you do want to learn and make progress. The abundance of information is making it harder for us to discover the right sources of knowledge.

A Curated Library

Finding time to read books in our complicated and anxious world seems like a titanic feat. And I’m not going to lie to you, it’s no picnic. But we seem to have forgotten that our main goal shouldn’t be to consume all the information on a particular subject. Our aim should be to read the best information based on what we want to learn, so we can think better and achieve our goals.

That’s my intention on this site. I search for the best books, extract the essential ideas, and present them in an easy-to-understand format. Ultimately, my goal is to create an online library where you can find the key concepts from important topics so you can improve in life and business. By doing so, I hope that more people will transition from cynical passive online consumers to active mindful go-getters with a sense of purpose.

And while I’m regularly adding new articles and quality book summaries, you won’t be bombarded with daily updates. I don’t want to give you infinite choice in terms of what to read. I want to reduce the burden of choice by recommending only the best there is.

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