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This is Ivaylo Durmonski

Ivaylo Durmonski is not an online guru who will magically transform your physical existence by forcing you to buy tools that do little but cost a lot. Quite the opposite, he despises the self-proclaimed con artists online who’d say anything to lure you into their programs and endless streams of “must-have” products.

He is a professional book summarizer with one simple goal in mind: To help you become a less sucky person by exposing you to big ideas from best-selling books.

While the cover pics of the books he summarizes are impressively dull, to say the least, the contents inside these mini versions of best-selling books are carefully designed to upgrade your thinking.

Durmonski is an MBA graduate but he considers himself a self-learner in the fields of business, marketing, productivity and to some degree in psychology. Additionally, he’s a fan of tech stuff. However, he’s worried that the algorithms that are chasing us around so they can show us the right ad, the addictive social media platforms that make us feel anxious, and the toxic sites that share trivial news are all degenerating society.

With the content on his site, he wants to help more people escape the modern dogma: Consume more offline, share more online and you’ll be a happy bunny.

About The Content on This Site:

This site originally started as a personal blog where Durmonski shared his minimalism journey but quickly evolved into something more: A place to learn key ideas from best-selling books and understand big ideas from smart folks who live now or are long gone.

Here’s what he writes about:

  • Articles: After much thought and consideration, he finally found a format – what he believes is practical and easily understandable – to share interesting ideas from the fields of business, habits, productivity, and other domains that can help his readers kick-ass in real life.
  • Book Summaries: Ivaylo believes that reading is the best way to learn, focus, upgrade your thinking, expand your world view and resolve problems faster. Unfortunately, a lot of folks seemingly can’t fit reading into their lives. So, Ivaylo thought, “Why not present the best ideas from the books I read in posts and also make them sound not so boring and complicated?” While the idea of summarizing books is not new, he believes that his approach is quite awesome.
  • Courses: After reading over 200 books and summarizing most of them. Durmonski realized that just reading isn’t enough. Reading books feels like you are moving towards a better place but that’s just a feeling. To actually transition from being paralyzed by modern media procrastinator, to a place of solace and strength. You need something more… you need discipline. The online course Beyond Discipline will inspire you to commit to continuous growth and live a life based on your personal core values.

Tools He Uses To Create This Site:

  • WordPress: Content management system that allows you to start your own site without learning a bunch of programming languages.
  • SiteGround Hosting: Bespoke WordPress hosting that takes care of everything server-related.
  • Blocksy WordPress theme: Simple, yet extremely powerful WordPress theme that can transform your plain site into a magazine-worthy piece of art.
  • Memberful: A tool that restricts content unless visitors pay you money.
  • Baronfig: The best tools for thinkers – notebooks, journals, habit trackers.
  • MailerLite: Email platform that grants you the ability to schedule emails to subscribers.

Interesting Facts About Ivaylo Durmonski

  • He’s a proud father of a son named Alexey.
  • He wears (mainly) black clothes.
  • He has social media accounts but he rarely uses them.
  • He prefers riding his bicycle to driving his car.
  • He’s not a native English speaker that’s why he (sometimes) uses fancy words in the texts he writes to improve his writing skills.
  • He recently donated a large portion of his hardcover books and now he reads primarily eBooks (for the environment!).
  • He’s a serial creator. This is his 8th site. The old ones miserably failed.
  • He lives in the oldest city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv.

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