Hello, my name is Ivaylo Durmonski (the person on the front page). I’m a regular guy who loves to read, write and question things.

But enough about me.

Let me tell you why this site was created, how it will change your life, alight the stars in your favor, help you become a legendary leader, achieve five-dimensional success, travel through space…

Wait… I can’t promise all these things.

But they sound nice, right?

I bet you’ve seen them before. A set of aspiring words arranged in a perfect order to lure you into a training program of some sort that supposedly have to make you different, better, a machine in a human body that hustles and grinds all the time.

Me and you both know that there isn’t a program, a course, even a book that will “transform your life.” These things might help, yes, but it’s up to you to do all the work. I know, this sucks!

This site is going to give you some practical advice on productivity, simple living, time-management, and hopefully, motivate you. But it won’t do the work for you.

If you want an easy formula for instant success you can Google it. No, really. There are a ton of articles on the subject.

So, besides giving you some super awesome life advice that doesn’t suck, I regularly publish new content for several reasons (kind of values):

  1. We’re going to die: If you don’t know yet, we’re all going to die at some point. You, me, all the cute dogs in the world. We’ll someday vanish from this earth and we’ll never return. Understanding this early will help you tackle obstacles differently.
  2. Motivation is temporary: Motivation fades away really quickly. You need regular doses of inspiration as you need regular meals and trips to the bathroom. The content published here will give you a not so gentle kick in the butt to get you moving.
  3. Time fading away: Most of what I write is for myself. Writing and taking notes is probably the best way to learn and understand stuff. And as I mentioned, since we don’t have a lot of time, I’m summarizing the lessons I learn in articles and book notes.
  4. Tons of nonsense: As the internet space grows, so are the BS advice online. Not that I’m a guru or that you should listen to me. This is your decision. But I strive to be as honest as possible and not blur your mind with fancy words that have no real value.
  5. Laziness is taking over: More and more people give up on their lives. They settle for a nice wardrobe, few likes on social media, Netflix and chill. While we “enjoy” the likes and the new clothes, the opportunities for a better life are slowly fading away.

Well, the above are the main reasons I publish the following stuff on this site:

  • Articles that will help you become more productive, get out of debt, get more shit done and all kind of other interesting things.
  • Actionable book summaries: Even though we all know that reading is kind of essential for improving our lives in general – it seems that all great leaders read all the time – we rarely have the time to get our hands on books. I share my book notes from some of the best nonfiction books in the world. Inside you’ll find the key concept of the book with the main lessons.

You can join my mailing list by signing up using a form somewhere here on this site, or, you can reach me over social media: InstagramTwitter, or contact me.

Hope to see you around!

Friendly note: A few not so appropriate words might slip out and appear in the content of this website. I’m referring to words starting with the letter F. So, if you stumble upon your kid going through my website and he/she is still not familiar with words like “f*ck, ballsack, asshole” or similar, it’s best to tell him/her to watch funny videos on YouTube. If you’re OK with how my articles sound and you’re fanatically sharing each piece of content: Thank you! I really appreciate it! I’ll buy you a beer in the afterlife. Till then, go read something useful you lazy prick.