Why This Site Was Created

The internet was supposed to save the world from stupidity. Instead, we got 280 characters and endless stream of food selfies. This site rebels against the fast-paced world constantly prompting you to spend time doing stupid things, like sharing what you had for dinner.

Hello, my name is Ivaylo Durmonski (the person on the front page). Thanks for checking my About page a.k.a my Why? page.

Who am I? I’m 30+ years old guy living with a girl in Eastern Europe. I’m a co-founder of a baby boy and my favorite activity is reading. Not quite exciting, I know.

But enough about me.

Since you’re here, let me tell you a bit more about this site starting with…

What This Site Is NOT About:

Before explaining why this site was created, let me first tell you what you won’t find inside:

  • My content won’t optimize every damn aspect of your life, nor help you create a world-class business and life. What you read might help, but promising quantum leaps in your profits is simply not my style.
  • I’m not famous on Twitter and I don’t have the wholly blue dot right next to my profile. Actually, I rarely use Social Media these days. Don’t search for me there.
  • I don’t have annoying popups offering life-changing worksheets that will empower you.
  • You won’t see ads that are specifically designed to make you buy things you don’t need.
  • You won’t see sliding promo boxes showing you how many people “just purchased a membership on my site.”

If you’re fine with that, let’s move on.

Why This Site Was Created:

Here’s the thing. I’m kind of amazed and slightly worried about how people spend their time these days: social media, Netflix, video games, fast food, fast loans, shopping sprees… It’s like the end of the world is coming and no one cares about what’s going to happen next (nor tomorrow). Being in debt, out of shape, directionless is normal these days, unfortunately.

But we’re not to blame.

We’re outnumbered, surrounded, bombarded by information. Seductive gizmos that look cool are constantly promoted to us, claiming they’ll save our life.

There has never been a better time to be a reader, a watcher, a listener, a consumer, and even an entrepreneur. An avalanche of life-changing products hit the market by storm daily. All promising empowerment and reaching a legendary state of existence. However, most of these tools, articles, podcats only exist to prevent you from actually doing important work.

As the online world continues to expand, five very dangerous things happen:

  1. You can no longer keep up with what’s happening. There is basically new information published every second, pilling on top of the gazillion of other things you didn’ saw.
  2. Our attention span decreases. We’re less patient and more disorganized.
  3. We’re now mentally lazy and weak. Addicted to screens couch potatoes in the endless pursuit of more things and more likes.
  4. We’re always busy and there is simply not enough time to take full advantage of the wisdom in the books published every year.
  5. Since starting a site and publishing books is relatively easy these days, an avalanche of self-proclaimed online gurus are flooding the online world with trash.

Considering the above, my goal here is simple: My goal is to give people feeling stuck the information they need to make better decisions in life and suck less.


By distilling the important info from all the crap. Highlighting the main ideas from best-selling books and make them easy to understand.

Lastly, with the content on my site, I want to inspire people to read more and do more, rather than consume and waste their time on social media.

I believe that literature can save the world from stupidity and enable us to achieved new heights in every field of our lives.

So, if you’re fed up with the traditional BS blogs that pretend to have all the answers and you’re ready to try something new, join my online rebellion. I’d love to have you on board.

What’s Inside:

Here’s what you’ll find on my site:

  • Articles: I write long-form articles where I explore various topics. Stuff like habits, productivity, minimalism, goal setting and more.
  • Book summaries: My main focus here. I strongly believe that more people should read books. But since we’re really busy, I track down the best books on the market and I distill the main ideas, helping readers get the most out of books in less time.

If the above sounds cool, you can join my mailing list by signing up using a form below, or, you can reach me over social media: InstagramTwitter, or contact me.

Hope to see you around!

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Update: I don’t plan on using social media any time soon. I don’t see any point in using these platforms. I’m not internet famous and I don’t have the wholly blue dot next to my profile picture, thus I’m not super cool. If you want to say Hi, be old-school. Send me an email.

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