Unstuck Newsletter #020 (July-08-2020)

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Hello online friends,

It’s me, Ivaylo Durmonski. And this is the 20th edition of Unstuck. A weekly newsletter designed to help people navigate in this disoriented world, make progress, and become more rational. By sharing the lessons I learn from the books I read (and other interesting things), I want to help more people find direction in this directionless world.

To cope with our caregivers. To get along with our friends. To get a promotion. On a first date even, we behave differently.

We’re either unusually polite or extremely competitive.

Probably that’s not who we really are. But that’s how we learned to survive throughout the years.

By adjusting our behavior based on the outside circumstances, we successfully deceive others. But we also deceive ourselves.

We create pseudo-selves that are usually different from our genuine personality.

The above is one of the insights from this week’s summary – Toward a Psychology of Being by Abraham H. Maslow.

A great book about reaching your full potential.

Book Summary:

  • Toward a Psychology of Being by Abraham H. Maslow: A collection of lectures and scientific papers organized to answer a simple question: How does one achieve self-fulfillment? How can you satisfy your higher inner needs and reach the ultimate, final, state of affairs?

Weekly Finds:

  • How Will You Measure Your Life? “On the last day of class, I ask my students to turn those theoretical lenses on themselves, to find cogent answers to three questions: First, how can I be sure that I’ll be happy in my career? Second, how can I be sure that my relationships with my spouse and my family become an enduring source of happiness? Third, how can I be sure I’ll stay out of jail?”
  • The brain’s hidden superpower: “These little flashes of brilliance aren’t just random and nonsensical they are a window through which we can catch a glimpse of our potential. It’s like a little preview of the power which we all possess inside of us. A power that makes this elusive state of brilliance and creativity into a consistent and replicable reality.”
  • The 5 Lies We Love to Tell: “The first thing I do when something doesn’t go my way is lie. I don’t lie to others, that would be wrong. What I do is much worse: I lie to myself.”

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Ivaylo Durmonski

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