Unstuck Newsletter #013 (May-20-2020)

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Hello online friends,

It’s me, Ivaylo Durmonski. And this is the 13th edition of Unstuck. A weekly newsletter designed to help people navigate in this disoriented world, make progress, and become more rational. By sharing the lessons I learn from the books I read (and other interesting things), I want to help more people find direction in this directionless world.

Be careful. Be really careful who you listen to.

There is an expert on every corner waiting to sell you something. Especially nowadays. With so many YouTube channels, blogs, and podcasts. 

The word expert is so overused that it lost its meaning.

Instead of risk-takers, the world is becoming a playground of idea whisperers. Know-it-all gurus who are pretending to have skin in the game but are only skilled in setting up fancy presentations.

Consider me for example.

I devour books like chocolate candies and I write easy to grasp summaries. I have experience in summarizing books and I can teach you a thing or two about the process. However, I have close to zero knowledge on how to actually write a book. That’s why I don’t talk about it and I don’t tweet about how it can be done.

Sadly, there are many others that, after reading a book about, say, habits, feel like they have what it takes to teach others on the subject. But they don’t. And unfortunately for you, you figure this out way after the money-back guarantee is over.

That’s part of what’s mentioned in the book Skin in the Game by Nassim Tale – the book summary of the week – along with many other things.

“…the chief thing you can learn from, say, a life coach or inspirational speaker is how to become a life coach or inspirational speaker.” Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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Book Summary:

  • Skin in the Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb: This medium-sized read is full of Taleb’s observations on what makes someone worthy of being called an expert. Why you shouldn’t listen to academics and why getting the fanciest gear is not always the best choice. Skin in the Game is a provocative – rant included – book, that will help you detect bullshit.


  • About Online Success: My thoughts (and story) about starting an online business – full transparency. My results after more than two years of publishing online. Hopefully, this can inspire you to start your own thing.

Weekly Finds:

  • 50 ideas that changed my life: Amazing post by David Perell where he shares 50 life-guiding principles. You’re losing sales? Don’t know how to act in certain situations? Feeling lost? You’ll surely find something useful in this article.
  • How to be successful: 13 thoughts about how to achieve success. You know, the kind of success we all aim towards – laptop lifestyle and passive income pouring in our bank account.
  • How to focus in the age of distraction: Your level of focus determines your future. If you are careless about improving in this area, don’t get surprised when the 280-character tweets seem too long to consume.

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Ivaylo Durmonski