Unstuck Newsletter #012 (May-13-2020)

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Hello online friends,

It’s me, Ivaylo Durmonski. And this is the 12th edition of Unstuck. A weekly newsletter designed to help people navigate in this disoriented world, make progress, and become more rational. By sharing the lessons I learn from the books I read (and other interesting things), I want to help more people find direction in this directionless world.

Reading a book, on average, is a 300-page obstacle. It can take you a week or a full month to finish a paperback. And the determining factor is no other than you.

But once you’re done, contrary to what you initially thought, a single book won’t transform your life. Yeah, you might learn a thing or two. But if you really want to keep progressing, keep learning, you need to expose yourself to even more paper-stacked challenges.

The same principle applies to everything else.

  • You want a beach-worthy body? You need to workout, nonstop.
  • You want to escape the 9 to 5? You need to hustle and grind around the clock.

Or in other words, obstacles never cease to exist.

It might sound daunting, scary even, but that’s reality.

Luckily, we can choose part of the challenges that lie ahead of us. We can choose where to live. We can choose what kind of work to do (sort of). We can choose what kind of people to regularly meet.

The resources below will help you overcome short term hurdles and also give you a different, better, perspective on how to handle the big boulders that are blocking your path.

Book Summary:

  • You’re stuck, frustrated, paralyzed by the obstacles ahead of you? See the key lessons from the best-selling book – The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday.


Weekly Finds:

  • The Power of Anti-Goals: Imagine how the worst possible day of your life might look like and work backwards from there. The final result will be a set of anti-goals that will explain what you should avoid doing. Amazing way to set goals!
  • Avoiding Stupidity is Easier than Seeking Brilliance: “…if you choose to win at tennis – as opposed to having a good time – the strategy for winning is to avoid mistakes.” This article redefines what success should look like. Instead of aiming for winning, you should focus on not losing. The two are quite different.
  • How I Built This with Casey Neistat: “When Casey Neistat was a teenager, the odds were against him; he had dropped out of high school, was washing dishes to pay rent, and was a father by age 17. But he eventually scraped together enough money to buy a camera and an iMac, and began churning out short films that went viral even before YouTube took off.” Great podcast with the YouTube superstar, Casey Neistat.

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Thanks for reading!


Ivaylo Durmonski