Unstuck Newsletter #011 (May-06-2020)

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Hello online friends,

It’s me, Ivaylo Durmonski. And this is the 11th edition of Unstuck. A weekly newsletter designed to help people navigate in this disoriented world, make progress, and become more rational. By sharing the lessons I learn from the books I read (and other interesting things), I want to help more people find direction in this directionless world.

The virtual world is taking over!

As you have certainly noticed, everyone is going online. 

With the rising uncertainty around the pandemic, more and more people are ditching their offline businesses and are rebuilding them in the virtual space. And while if a couple of months ago taking a virtual class was considered semi-good, now this is the prime way to educate yourself.

Without exaggerating, thanks to the internet, we have unlimited possibilities. However, unlimited is never good.

I mean, think about it for a second – nothing unlimited is good.

  • A car without a speed limit? Major crash.
  • Access to unlimited funds? Obesity. Addiction. More distractions.
  • A big corporation with worldwide reach? Monopoly. Law bending. Small businesses suffering. (Ah, we already have that. It’s called Amazon).

No one is teaching us how to properly use the internet. We’re given access to this endless sea of ​​knowledge and other stuff without a clear idea of how to use them. Normally, we end up using only the things that feel good – social media and playing video games.

In this episode of Unstuck, I want to help you get better at doing things online.

My latest summary is of the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. Along with that, I wrote an article about digital declutter. 

Hopefully, these reads will help you get better at managing your time online. 

Book Summary:

  • Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport: Minimalism is about our physical life, digital minimalism is about our online life. If your virtual world is crowded, take some measures. See the key takeaways from this best-seller.


  • Digital Declutter: The Best Way to Find Clarity Online and Offline: Going online is like visiting a coffee shop or a restaurant. Or at least it should be. After all, you go to a restaurant with an agenda – you go there to eat and to have a chat with a friend. And when you open the menu, you do it with the intention to find something delicious to eat. Unfortunately, that’s not how people approach online sites.

Weekly Finds:

  • Buy Less, Do More With Good Enough Gear: Don’t become a gear geek. Before adding more stuff to your closet, stop, and consider the questions in this read.
  • The Skill You’re Slowly Losing: The internet is an instant answering machine. We rely on the knowledge inside for everything and we become mentally lazy. If you don’t want to lose your problem-solving skills, you need to use the internet less often.
  • “You don’t find the time to do something; you make the time to do things.” Great interview with Debbie Millman. A prolific writer, designer, educator, artist, brand consultant, and host of a podcast.

If you’re too undisciplined to follow the rules suggested by Cal Newport, you can try this browser extension to block access to certain sites: Getintention.com.

Thanks for reading!


Ivaylo Durmonski

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