Unstuck Newsletter #003 (March-11-2020)

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Lately, I’ve been reading books on Stoicism. You know, the ancient philosophy practiced by some of the wises man ever lived – Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus. In the following weeks, I’ll share notes from 3 books on this ancient way of living. Some of these books are widely known, others not so much.

Here’s the first one:

Book Summary:

  • The Manual: A Philosopher’s Guide to Life by Epictetus is one of the shortest and most famous books on Stoicism – it’s just 66 pages. Yet, you are bombarded by life-changing ideas on every page that, if applied, can radically change the way you live, make decisions, and handle your emotions. The book itself does not intents to give all the answers, rather, it aims to provoke thoughts about how to overcome life’s challenges.


  • The Diderot Effect: Denis Diderot was a French philosopher and main editor of the Encyclopédie. He lived a humble life for nearly 50 till one day, a piece of clothing contaminated his peaceful mind. He received a new red dressing gown as a gift which interfered with his daily duties – instead of focusing on writing, he was now fixated on getting more luxury items in his life. Understanding the Diderot Effect in today’s obsessed over acquiring more stuff society is crucial.
  • About minimalism: I created my site with the intention to document my minimalist journey but durmonski.com quickly become something else – a place where I help people learn lessons from big books, faster. Still, minimalism helped me quite a lot throughout the years and allowed me to spot the essential things in my life from all the junk. In this article, I share my short story.

Weekly Finds:

  • Top Economists Study What Happens When You Stop Using Facebook: The author of the best selling books Deep Work and Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport, is sharing highlights from a recent experiment conducted by American Economic Review. The experiment? Convince folks to leave Facebook for 30 days and share their experience afterward – the results are fascinating.
  • 20 Signs You’re Emotionally Mature: Great video by The School of Life, giving us a to-do list to emotionally mature. A must-watch for both teenagers and grown-ups who are still acting childish.
  • Notes To Myself: Short audio from the entrepreneur Noah Kagan where he shares 7 themes and daily reminders that help him overcome the shortcomings in his daily life. You can skip the annoying AKA stuff by jumping directly to 01:10 of the audio.

Thanks for reading the whole thing!

And if you come across anything interesting this week, send it my way! I love finding new things to read through members of this newsletter.

Ivaylo Durmonski