Unstuck Newsletter #002 (March-04-2020)

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Hey there internet folks,

It’s me Ivaylo Durmonski. Your online friend who strives to help more people escape the modern dogma (that more things bring more happiness) by exposing you to worth thinking about ideas and books.

Thank you all for the positive comments regarding the launch of Unstuck last week! I really hope that what I’ll be sharing in the future will help more people find direction in this chaotic world. Also, I want to thank the newest members of my site who decided to support me financially and basically help me make it all happen! You rock!

If you have any sort of feedback about the format – or if you have a suggestion for an article that you think more people should read – you can share it by hitting reply. Also, If you want to support my work, you can either forward this email to a friend (and tell them to subscribe here) or consider becoming a member yourself.

One last thing, I turned 32 on the 1st of March 🎉 While I’m definitely not as young as the average entrepreneurs online who’re widely popular and earn millions even if they sneeze, I plan on making my site and my newsletter the next big thing. Not because I crave money or fame, but because I think more people need to realize that the things we consider cool (social media, games, television) are just wasting our time. It will probably take me a lot of time to make some sort of recognizable impact but the goal itself feels motivating enough to keep me going despite the slow progress.🐱‍🏍

Ok, enough housekeeping. Let me show you what I have for you this week:

Book summary:

  • The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma: We’re slowly turning into a mob of cyber-zombies who crave more. If you want to become a true needle-mover, a world-changed, as the author loves to say in the book, you should not only be less interested in your social media following, but also schedule more time for yourself so you can get better at your craft. And since our lives are overpopulated with stuff to do, Sharma’s solution for having enough time to pursue our true desires – which could have been said in around 30 pages, instead of 332 – is to get up at 5 AM and perform a short set of routines.


  • The Pareto Principle: The One Rule For Optimal Productivity: You probably heard this principle before. After all, the net is flooded with articles about the Pareto principle. This is my short take that also includes a couple of actionable steps. If you’re still not familiar with the 80/20 rule, drop everything and read the article, now.

Weekly Finds:

  • How To Help Your Kids Find Their Calling In Life: Still don’t know what to do with your life? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. But this article will definitely help. On top of that, it will give you an easy to grasp framework that you can use to help your children find their own path.
  • Making Sense podcast episode #184: The following line in the podcast by David Whyte got me thinking about attention: “The deeper my level of attention for the world, the more that my identity as a person actually changed, and also deepened, and widen. And you can say that I started to understand that the person’s identity didn’t depend on their intermittent beliefs… Your identity depends more on how much you’re paying attention to things and to people that are other than you…” If you’re not a member you won’t get access to the full conversation but the 30 minutes that are available can be enough to get your mind running.
  • The brain’s hidden superpower: A short video that will show you how to extend the brief moments of brilliance and make them more repeatable.

Thanks for reading the whole thing!

Ivaylo Durmonski

P.S. Last week I asked you about which book I should read next. The results are in. Extreme Ownership is in my queue and I’ll be sharing the key lessons soon.

P.P.S. Yesterday I announced my newsletter on ProductHunt. While I wasn’t able to win the product of the day because I had no desire to use growth-hacking techniques and pay a hunter to present my product, I still got a few votes. Submit yours if you want to help me transcend over the productivity apps Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are pitching hard to everyone.