Thinkers Club: Read Better. Think More. Do More.

A therapeutic membership for active readers, introverts, creators, lifelong learners who want to grow, improve their reading experience, think more about important topics, and get things done.

The Problem

We all read books that suggest a change – about our habits, about starting a business, fixing our psyche, and ourselves in general – but we rarely do anything with the information we are so quick to ingest. In most situations, we read something and quickly move on to the next “big” idea, never fully understanding the real context of what we have consumed.

The Solution

Thinkers Club is designed to help you focus on thinking and doing. Instead of speed-read all available books and torture your easily distracted mind with 24/7 content consumption, you focus on one topic, one book each month. Once you join, every month, you’ll receive a Think Workbook (a practical guide outlining the key strategies from a single book followed by guided writing exercises) so you can engage with the content like never before.

Why you should participate?

Tired of joining online communities that promise to make you a better person but they quickly turn into huge time-wasters? Need some sort of accountability to read more? Not sure what to do after you’re done with a book? Need more time to think – on your own – about a specific problem? Dreaming about receiving regular semi-pressure assignments to finally make the change introduced in big tittles? Love reading, but you need someone to tell you exactly what you need to do, implement in your life?

Then you definitely need to join!

The Thinkers Club offers a collection of essential lessons, frameworks, exercises from big books that stimulate thinking combined with insightful commentary to help you progress – all in a digital format.

Every month, you will receive a thematic homework-like workbook based on one great hand-picked book that will help you make the most out of the content. Each page prompts you to engage in activities and thought experiments so you can easily formulate future strategies for solving problems and achieving your goals.

The content is particularly useful – and aimed – at people who are tired of noisy online communities, regular meetings, monstrously big reading lists, and constant information fluxes but still want a way to flex their minds.

One month. One topic. The finest concepts from a great book. All designed to keep you inspired, engaged, and get you moving in the right direction.

Build better reading habits, think more deeply, finally do something!

Based on years of Ivaylo Durmonski’s work in the area of summarizing books and producing actionable content, this club membership offers landmark workbooks (see sample) guaranteed to help you get more done.

Here’s a breakdown of the main gains when you join:

One month, one topic.

If you feel like you’re drowning in information but rarely doing anything practical with the consumed content, this membership will help you focus on one topic each month.

Guided exercises.

Collection of thought-provoking prompts and exercises that help you plan your next steps and turn you from “simply reading” to actively doing something with the content.

Understand books. (Finally!)

I synthesize the most important aspects of great books and present the key insights in a neat, eye-appealing format. The purpose is to actively think about making a positive change based on the text.

Experience the power of thinking.

We all possess the ability to think but we rarely schedule time with ourselves to actually practice this ability. My approach creates a space for structured reflection based on the content of the book so you can create meaningful change.

Slow down. Read to apply.

It doesn’t make sense to skim-read everything online when your goal is to acquire knowledge – and do something with the knowledge. The club was hugely inspired by the slow reading movement. The idea that we should intentionally slow down so we can properly engage with what we are reading. That’s the only way we can install new concepts in our minds and be able to use these ideas in the future.


Did I mention that this a monthly membership? While there are no “real” consequences if you don’t complete the exercises, the regular guided assignments will surely keep you engaged and hands-on.

Also, if you’re feeling stuck? Need a pep talk? Want some advice? Or want to share an exciting victory? Email me anytime during the membership.

Bonus material!

When you join you will also get:

  • Access to all future Think Workbooks for as long as you are a member.
  • Access to members-only content – book summaries.
  • PDF versions of the most read summaries on my site.
  • Opportunity to vote for which book to become future Think Workbook.

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Who created this?

Ivaylo Durmonski (aka the person running this whole site). I’m a voracious reader, writer, obsessed with helping people transition from passive online consumers to active mindful go-getters with a sense of purpose.

The Thinkers Club was created based on the feedback I’ve gathered from hundreds of readers who visit my website. The lifelong learners, creators who are looking for ways to improve their reading experience but don’t want to further damage their minds with “more” – meetings, content, workshops.

My goal is to help you laser focus on one particular topic each month. It’s about taking the time to think, really think, about some of the best books out there.

Plainly, by distilling the essentials, I help readers understand and apply the concepts from literature gems.

Want in?

Thinkers Club


The plan renewals automatically each month. Of course, you can always change that option.