Think Workbooks

Therapeutic workbooks for active readers, creators, and lifelong learners. Outlining the key strategies from a single book followed by guided writing exercises.

What are Think Workbooks?

Not sure what to do after you’re done with a book? Need more time to think – on your own – about the specific problems and solutions mentioned in books? Dreaming about receiving regular semi-pressure assignments to finally make the change introduced in big tittles? Love reading, but you need someone to tell you exactly what you need to do, implement in your life?

Then you will definitely enjoy the Think Workbooks!

These digital assets offer a collection of essential lessons, frameworks, exercises from big books that stimulate thinking combined with insightful commentary to help you progress – all in a digital format.

All members receive access to occasionally published thematic homework-like workbooks based on one great hand-picked book that will help you make the most out of the content. Each page prompts you to engage in activities and thought experiments so you can easily formulate future strategies for solving problems and achieving your goals.

The content is particularly useful – and aimed – at people who are not sure what to do when they finish a book and are also looking for more ways to flex their minds.

Available Think Workbooks:

Think Workbook #001

Based on the book Atomic Habits

Think Workbook #002

Based on the book Emotional Intelligence

Think Workbook #003

Based on the book Psychology of Money

Think Workbook #004

Based on the book Thinking in Systems

Think Workbook #005

Based on the book Thinking Fast and Slow

Think Workbook #XXX


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