The Average Land – The Place Where The Masses Live

Cities have been built. Tall buildings emerged in places where people thought it’s impossible. We can drink our morning coffee in Europe and in a few hours have lunch in the USA. Civilization is thriving in terms of infrastructure and innovation but the majority of the human population is still resident in a place called the Average Land. A place where the spark of hope is slowly fading away.

Even though we’re getting better at making the world an easier place to live, we’re turning into these lazy dudes who are constantly complaining and are never truly satisfied.1 With that, the population of a place called The Average Land is steadily increasing.

Here, I will present to you the place where the majority of the human population is living. It’s not a physical place, it’s something else. It’s an imaginary world where you, I, your neighbour, and probably you parents are residents. It’s a place called the Average Land.

Unlike the Middle-earth, there aren’t hobbits, elves, orcs or magic. However, there is one resemblance to the movie The Lord of The Rings, despair and loss of hope.

Are we really that different?

There are 195 countries in the world today and even though it’s impossible to put a figure on the total number of islands on the planet because of the different kinds in the water bodies. There are around two thousand islands in the oceans in the world.

As you can imagine, there is a difference between the people living in each different country and each different island. Some people believe in Christianity, others in Buddhism. Some think that internet it’s an evil invention, others have retired because of that, third do not even know what this word means.2 In some countries people are spending a good couple of hours in their cars only to go to work, in others, people are walking on foot because most of them can’t afford their own vehicle. Some nationalities even write from right to left.

Even though we’re all different, we’re also quite alike in terms of how our lives unfolds: We emerge to the world > We go to school > We get a job > We rest in peace. Few other things happened in between: we eat, sleep, cry, fight, experience grief, joy, attraction, hope, despair, sadness, anger, love. That’s pretty much it. 

Another interesting thing happens in-between, during the time we’re born and we die, our level of hope and motivation is slowly but steadily decreasing.

How does our motivation level changes during a lifetime?

I’ve actually prepared a graph to describe this easier for you:

This is a graph that shows how our level of motivation and desire to push ourselves declines over the years. The older we get the lazier we become if we don’t do something about it.

Let’s look what actually happens during these years:

  • 0-10: So, between 0 and 10 a lot of things happen. We start to understand what the world is. We start exploring it. We learn that we shouldn’t touch the hot oven and that we shouldn’t eat the yellow snow. We learn how the world is designed and we get to try a lot of stuff for the first time.
  • 11-20: Our hormones are off the roof. Even though we’re facing a lot of restrictions in school and in society, our level of motivation is still raising because we still think that everything is possible. We love for the first time and even though our parents constantly tell us to. don’t do stupid stuff, we do them anyway.
  • 21-30: We graduate. We get a job and we start realizing that all these years spent in school didn’t quite help. We start to question our existence. Our level of motivation drops because the work we do is not as thrilling as we hoped.
  • 31-40: Here things are starting to go downhill. We now know that it’s probably too late to start something new. To start our own company. To craft our own future. We realize that we’re bound to work for someone else for the rest of our lives.
  • 41-50: Nothing new really happens. We wake up. We go to work. We eat and we sleep. We live to please our children.
  • 51-60: The TV is our best friend. We’re overweight. We don’t do a lot of exercises because who cares how you look anymore.
  • 61-70: The only spark of joy is our grandchildren if we ever see them. You rarely see your friends because you’re too tired to get out of the house.
  • 71-80: We prepare ourselves for the final day. We don’t find meaning in anything any more. We give up on living.

When the dropping of motivation starts, we enter the place I mentioned earlier: The Average Land.

The Average Land

A place where most of the graduates, and most of the people who don’t have ambition for something greater, better, go to live. A place where nothing new really happens and hope is slowly fading away.

the place with no spark of creativity

Imagine the Average Land like a grey place with no spark of creativity. A place where people have settled down with their boring lives and no longer strive to become better at anything. A world of walking zombies whose brains have been brainwashed by the infinitive social media feed.

Not that being average it’s a bad thing, we’re all average in a way no matter if we like it or not. The Average Land refers to a state of being where people no longer push themselves and are OK with living in constant debt because “how can you otherwise buy a sports car.”

You’re not alive, you’re simply existing. Because alive, according to my understandings, is trying to get a bit better every single day of your life.

As you can imagine, the Average Land is a place where anxiety and depression are a common thing. Hope is lost and people are only interested in acquiring shiny objects.

How to know if you’re a resident of the Average Land

If you’re not sure if you’re a resident of this place, let me give you a couple of examples:

  • You have a fixed mindset: You think that people are born with certain abilities and there is no way to change this. You believe that writers, for example, can write only because they’re blessed with this skill. Not that they worked for years till they reach that state.
  • You are in debt and it’s getting worse: It’s so easy to spend money that you didn’t earn yourself. You get a small loan to go on vacation and suddenly, every month you’re behind the car payment because you have too much debt and there are too many places to visit.
  • You’re an instant gratification addict: This means that you want everything NOW. You want a new vacation, now. You want new shoes, now. You want more money, now. You want more likes on your Instagram photo, now. These days everything is happening so fast, that’s why NOW is your new best friend. That’s also the reason you’re in so much debt.
  • You have bad habits but you don’t believe that you have bad habits: Smoking, drinking, gambling, even social media are considered bad habits. A lot of people don’t even think that they have a drinking problem till they woke up in their own vomit. Same with social media. People are constantly complaining that they don’t have enough hours in a single day but are scrolling through Facebook like zombies.
  • You don’t know where you are going in life: You don’t know what you want but the worse part is that you never ask yourself where you want to go. 
  • You don’t believe in hard work: Why work harder when you know that your salary won’t increase overnight? People avoid working like a plague. That’s why the dream to a lot of people is winning the lottery, because it doesn’t require any work.
  • You think that others are responsible for your own failures: When something bad happens it’s never your fault. You think that others are wrong and you’ve done your best. 
  • You’re a passive person: Passive in terms of doing stuff. You prefer watching TV and having meaningless conversations with people you barely know at the pub.
  • You’re a consumer, not a creator: “Why should I start a new website or a new podcast, there are so many sites out there, I don’t have to bother.” That’s what people living in the Average Land preach. They think that everything it’s already invented and they shouldn’t move a muscle to create something new that will potentially help the world.
  • You think that improving only applies to technologies: “Why bother getting better at anything. If you’re getting a regular paycheck this means that you’re doing OK.” That’s your mantra.

What’s there besides the Average Land

Even though most of the people living in this world are inhabitants of the Average Land, there is also a place called the Dream Land. It’s beyond the realms of the grey walls that are surrounding the Average kingdom.

That’s the place where a lot of celebrities live. But not the ones we constantly see on Instagram or on TV. It’s occupied by people who are trying to ease us, the humans. People who want to make the world a better place for our children.

People like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Maurice Hilleman and others.3

People who want to live a mark in this world. A sign that will help others to live better in years to come.

How to Escape this vicious circle of average activities

Or in other words: Is there path that will help me escape the Average Land and lead me to the Dream Land?

Well, there is. But it’s not free and it’s not easy. It’s a long way towards the Dream Land.

If the short definition of the Average Land is: doing the bare minimum to survive; being careless about your future; not thinking about what you consume. The way towards the Dream Land is quite in the opposite direction: Working every day towards your goals; creating a system; consuming less and creating more; develop good everyday habits.

The Every Day rule is basically your ticket out of the Average Land. You can read more in the post here.

In general, the way towards happiness looks like this:

  • Think about the life you want to live;
  • Set goals;
  • Set a timeframe to achieve these goals;
  • Focus on creating a lifestyle you love.

I want to stress more on the last part:

Focus on creating a lifestyle you love

Let say that you want to be a full-time traveller, you want to visit different countries regularly. You imagine that a typical day of your life will involve travelling, hiking, seeing new places. That’s OK. Actually, a lot of people want this. This is their Dream Land.4

Ok, but there is one particular problem, an important question, that requires your attention before you start: How are you going to support this type of lifestyle?

If you’re an average person. I mean, you’re not an heir of a 1000 kilograms of gold, or to be more precise: you’re not filthy rich. You will need a permanent income stream that involves doing something you enjoy.

For a lot of travellers, this means blogging or vlogging. They document their trips > People visit their sites > Companies support the person because of their audience > They have steady and sustainable income if they continue to blog regularly. End of story.

There is a catch, however.

The hard part is building an audience. Creating a group of people that follow you, support you, spare part of their income to help you live your dream.

The above requires a lot of work. Possibly learning a few skills you never knew before. Organizing your thoughts in an understandable way. Consistency. Good habits. Problem-solving skills. Management skills.

That’s your ticket out of the Average Land. That’s your path towards the Dream Land and ultimate happiness. Are you willing to do the work?


If you’re satisfied with your life, your income, your work, your relationships, obviously, you’re already where you should be. You’ve reached your Dream Land and you should continue doing what you’ve been doing.

On the other hand, if you’re still searching for your meaning, you don’t know towards where you should direct your life, you’re in debt, you’re overweight, social media is consuming your time, you’re lost in the mist of the Average Land. The clouds blurred your mind and you’re not thinking straight.

There is a way out though. A secret path that will lead you to where you want to be.

It’s secret because the path it’s different for all of us. For me, for example, the Dream Land will be a place where writing and travelling is what I do every single day. For you, I don’t know. Only you can know what’s best for yourself.

Do check the Every Day Rule. It’s something that will clear the clouds and give you a direction.


  1. Note: I’m saying an easier place to live, not a better place. Many of the processes nowadays are automated, which facilitates our existence. We can basically stay in our homes and never go outside if we want to. However, this is hurting the planet (i.e. pollution and etc.) and we’re getting lazier.
  2. There are over 7.3 billion people living on our planet but only 3.4 billing internet users. You can check this graph here.
  3. Maurice Ralph Hilleman was an American microbiologist who specialized in vaccinology and developed over 40 vaccines. These vaccines saved millions of lives. You can read more about him here.
  4. Even though this type of dream life is not making the world a better place, you can still inspire others to pursue their passions.
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