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Why You Should Practice Time Traveling More Often

We all travel through time. A couple of months ago I went back in time when I visited L.A. I gained 10 hours. I lost the same amount of hours when I got back home. Now, I wanted to try something else. I wanted to travel to the future and to see what will happen. This experience changed my life.

Is time traveling even possible?

Astronauts, for example, are already time travelers of a sort. When they go and live on space stations, they are moving with a speed of about 5 miles (8 kilometers) a second. They are moving faster than we are on Earth. This means that on the space station, astronauts age just a tiny bit slower than they would on the planet’s surface. When they’re back, they are a bit younger than everyone else.

What the hell I’m talking about?

You might think that this dude had too much minimalism and he lost his mind. Well, this might be true.

In this post, I will use time traveling more like expression to reveal to you a life strategy that will help you understand better what you want in life and hopefully figure out what to do with your life if you’re still struggling with this question.

Let’s Travel Through Time

Let’s do a little exercise together.

We’re going to travel through time together.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to get all dressed up for this occasion.

Sit down comfortably on your couch. Or lay down if you prefer. Close your eyes. Now, imagine you’re traveling through time. Like really, really… really, fast. Faster than Iron Man. Now imagine that you arrive and the year is 10 years from now. Ok, that’s too much.1 Let say the year is 5 years from now.

What do you see? How does your life look like? Is this really the place you want to be: The same house? The same job? The same body? The same relationship? The same people? The same daily routine?

Even though a lot can happen in 5 or 10 years – you might win the lottery, who knows – if your everyday actions are not helping you move forward in life, you might not like the place you just landed. Not even a bit.

Actually, if you don’t like the place or the situation your future self is living you’ll be probably freaking out and you will beg the people around you to bring you back to your original present. You can go even further and blame me for everything: Ivaylo, what have you done with my life!

Why Your Life Might Suck Even More 5 Years from Today

If you didn’t like the place you just visited, think about the following for a moment: What are your daily actions?

Do you have a morning routine? Do you track your time? Are you mindful of how you spend your time at all?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who is careless and doesn’t think about his actions.

But since you’re here and you’re reading this I want to give you a quick example:

Let say that the majority of your actions/tasks during a single day of your life are the following:

  • You get out of bed, being late, after pressing the snooze button at least 5 times;
  • You don’t have a breakfast because you don’t have a time;
  • You spend at least 10 minutes deciding what to wear;
  • You go to work and you constantly interrupt your tasks with “quick” social media checks.
  • You eat junk food most of the time. You don’t prepare your own meals because “who has the time”, right?
  • When you’re back home from work, you sit on the couch and you start a Netflix marathon.
  • Before you go to bed you make sure to check all of the updates on all of your social media channels.
  • Now you’re ready to get back to sleep for another “amazing day”.

After reading this detailed daily routine of the average person around the world, I want to ask you a question: So, do you really think that 5 years from now your life will be better if you’re doing the things I just mentioned?

If you’re considering “yes” as an answer, then you’re clearly confused about how life works. It’s like thinking that abs will grow on your stomach magically even if you’re not doing regular exercises. You’re simply a dreamer.

The majority of the people living in this world are doing the things I just mentioned mentioned, every-single-day. Unfortunately, they rarely think that this type of lifestyle is devastating for them in the long term.

While you eat burritos on your couch and you’re watching, again, one full season of Game of Thrones in one spin, your future self is trying to commit a suicide.2

But who cares about your future self as long as we have Netflix and refrigerator full of bear, right? As long as I’m happy now, at this very moment, everything is good.

If people are OK with this type of living I can understand. But most of them are constantly complaining that their salary is lower than it should be, how they look, why they can’t afford a vacation to the Carebiens more often, and other things that are supposedly not their fault.

Are you willing to make a change in your life? You can use this strategy and create your own future:

Best life advice: Travel Through Time

You won’t know what you really want in your life until you understand who you are.

So, before stepping again into the time travel ship, think for a moment what type of person you are, but more importantly, what type of person you want to become:

  • Want to be a healthier person?
  • Want to write a book?
  • Want to participate in the Ironman challenge?
  • You’re interested in creating your own online store where you can sell your art?

All these things will give you a better idea towards where you should direct your life.

Once you decided what you want and towards where you want to direct your actions and life in general, think of the following: Let’s say that after 3 years you’ve completed an Ironman Triathlon:


How did you do it? What happened during this period? How did you achieve it? Start deconstructing the process backwards. You probably did the following things:

  • You started exercising regularly;
  • You created your own custom morning routine;
  • You started eating healthy food and cooking your own meals;
  • You started going to bed earlier;
  • You started tracking your time so you can manage it better;
  • Less social media and less alcohol;
  • Instead of watching Netflix you are reading articles of people who regularly participate in the Ironman challenge;
  • You’re planning your days and months by day.

Basically, the above things will be your to-do list. By executing them regularly, you will achieve the desired goal.

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” Greg S. Reid

It’s Not Only About The Final Destination Though

Let say that after 3 years you did enter the Ironman triathlon and you completed it successfully. Good job. I’m proud!

A logical follow-up question will be, what’s next?

Once the event is over, you will soon find yourself lost again. Thinking about what to do next, again. And if you don’t find a good thing to direct your life towards, there is a good chance that you will return to you old nasty habits.

A lot of people are solely goal oriented. Such people will start a business without thinking about the consequences. About the lifestyle that is coming along with a business: the long hours, the lack of good staff, how hard it is to get new clients, all the daily struggles. That’s why the quit eventually.

Don’t think about the goal itself. Think about what will happen after your achieve that goal.

Look for a type of lifestyle rather than simply completing your goals

To avoid feeling lost after you’ve completed your goals, think about the way you want to live your life.

If you want to be a healthier person, to have a six-pack, to feel good in your own body? Setting a goal to participate in an Ironman triathlon is the right thing to do. This goal is simply an instrument to achieve the desired lifestyle, a helthier lifestyle.

You won’t get depressed once the tournament is over if your actual goal is to create a healthier life. You will continue to train every day because that’s the type of life you wanted all along.

With this in mind, before you enter a modern Delorean to travel to the future, think also about the following: What type of lifestyle I want to create for myself?

We all Live in the Present

Since we’re all living in the present and time travel is not possible. Sorry to disappoint. We need to think more about the things we do daily.

In a way, your main mission in life should be to create a life where pretty much everything you do, you like. And secondly, where everything you do helps you improve your future self one step at a time.

The major things we need to work on today, in order to improve our future are the following 3:

Work To Improve Your Body

Since your body is an irreplaceable part of you, as a person and as a human being, taking time to take care of your physiology is truly important. Consider this as something you need to do for the rest of your life. Actually, not taking care of your body is the worst self-sabotaging act you can do towards yourself.

That doesn’t mean that you should spend 3 hours a day working out. Find exercises you like and resonate with your body. I’m not a gym fan that’s why I train at home. I do pretty much the same exercises every single day. I do something different on Sunday’s though, I go for a run.3

Feed Your Mind Properly

Consider the content you consume, no matter how you consume it. If you’re regularly exposing yourself in front of shallow texts and videos that are not helping you improve in a way, you’re poisoning your mind. For example: scrolling through your feed for 30 minutes without any clear idea of why you’re doing this affects your brain like a Mcdonalds burger affects your health. A Big Mack may taste good but it’s making your body feel like shit.

So be mindful of what you put inside your brain.

The People Around You

Successful people often talk about how important it is to hang around people who are motivated, eager to change, doers. However, other people rarely listen to this advice.

In school, I did some nasty shit because I was hanging around with people who had crazy ideas: “Why don’t we call the principal from a street phone and report that there is a bomb in the school?”; “Why don’t we get drunk before school, it will be fun?”; “Why don’t we make a drinking marathon? We’ll drink 10 days in a row and we’ll see what will happen.”

As you can guess it, I wasn’t doing good in life for that period of time. It was fun, indeed, but this type of lifestyle wasn’t good for my future self. Hopefully, my consciousness showed up eventually in my life and made some drastic changes.

If you complaining about finding good role models, I will suggest books. Reading autobiographies is like hanging around extraordinary people.

The Work You Do

We all need resources to survive in life. To gain these essential things, we need to execute some sort of work. This is how our current society is settled. And since we need these things recurrently, daily, we need to work daily as well.

If you like the job you do you will be closer to happiness. If you hate it, well, you know how this story goes. So, finding work that is meaningful to your own persona should be the main priority in your life. A lot of times we don’t realize this. At least not early in life. We want to become doctors, lawyers because we heard that these people earn a lot of money. But if you study for 10 years to become a doctor and you finally realize that you hate seeing blood, you just wasted 10 years from your life.

Some Closing Thoughts

So all of the above boils down to this: Think about where you want to be, do, what type of life you want to live 3, 5 years from now and start doing it now. If you want to be a writer, you need to write regularly, it’s simple as that.

Let’s say you just publish a book but you hate writing. You hustled for years to publish this book and your idea was that you will retire after your first book is published. You’re like: “Finally, I can now rest and never touch a pen again.” I have bad news for you, you just created a lifestyle you’ll hate.

Being a writer involves writing. Daily. That’s your lifestyle. Being a musician involves writing and producing music. Going to parties. Performing in front of other people. Again, daily. Being an Instagram model involves a lot of clothes, make-up, and at least several SD cards for a photoshoot. Also, probably an additional place to store all of your clothes. Hell, I don’t know what being an Instagram model involves.

The idea is that not your goals make your life good, your daily actions do.

So, to finally end this post about traveling to the future I want to say the following: Take some time to think about how you want your life to look after a couple of years. Don’t think about an ending, rather think about the daily tasks you want to execute. Such tasks that are bringing you joy. Now, start doing them today. Every day.


  1. Nobody is that fast. Not even Iron Man.
  2. Fun fact about me: I’ve never watched Game of Thrones. I know, I’m strange. I don’t even know what the series are about. If you don’t want to be friends anymore I will understand
  3. These are the exercises I do every mourning: LINKLINKLINK.
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