Give a Shit About Your Health

Why You Should Give a Shit About Your Health?

Do you know what’s worse than being sick? Being sick and not having enough money to cure yourself from the disease that’s troubling your body and mind.

Every time I have to go to the hospital for something – in 99% of the cases it’s not for me, I’m simply accompanying my girl or a friend – I see halls filled with sick people. People who are desperate and will do everything the doctor says, will pay every price. And what the doctor says is usually along the lines: “You need to buy A, B, C, D, and Z medicaments and later we’ll see what needs to happen next.” And what happens later is that you need more medicaments.

In this current world where everything is happening so fast, the information is overwhelming our senses, we don’t really have the time to take a moment and think about our health.

“Burritos and pizza for 7 days straight? Of course, my jeans still fit. Order two more so I can have for later.”

Junk food is the new normal food and going to the GYM is something you do only for the first few months of the new year.

I don’t want to sound like your mom or like one of the countless commercials about being healthy, but yes, your mom is right. You need to give a shit about your health.

In this post, I will do my best to explain why your health is kind of important and what you’re doing wrong.

Yes, also, a few simple tips that will help you sustain your current figure and look decent when you remove your clothes in front of your spouse.

So, let’s grab a plate of broccoli and start getting healthier:

Why Health is Important?

It’s quite an obvious question, right?

Health is important because when we’re healthy, we feel OK, when we feel OK, we’re closer to happiness and further away from pain.

But let’s take another approach and first ask ourselves what exactly is health?

If you ask a person on the street what a healthy person is, he will probably say that “a person is healthy when he is not sick.”

But health is much more than just someone being sick, looking sick, or feeling sick.

By definition, health is the state of being free from illness or injury. The ability to adapt and manage physical, mental and social challenges throughout life.1

But it’s even more than that.

Health is a resource for our everyday life. You can safely say it’s like water, food, even money. We need health if we want to live a good life. We need it to perform our daily tasks and obligations. It’s not only the absence of disease and infirmity. It’s the ability to maintain a complete life.

Health, and being healthy, it’s composed mainly by these 3 subcategories:

  • Physical health: This includes strength, flexibility, endurance. If you’re able to maneuver around the world and open a jar of pickles you’re physically healthy.2
  • Biological health: This means a lack of infections, allergies and even cancer. Basically, things, bacteria, that are inside your body. If all bacteria inside you are good bacteria, you’re fine.
  • Psychological health: The well-being of your own thoughts. If the majority of your thoughts are good, you have a healthy mind.

Despite the organs inside our body, health is the key component of what makes our corpse move and do the things we want. It’s what gets you moving. Without proper health and the accompanying organs inside, we’re merely a pile of bones and flesh.

Because when we’re sick, or our mind is sick, our body will often fail to perform what we ask of it: “Let’s go to work. No, I’m feeling sick. Let’s stay at home”. This is the most common scenario when you’re sick.

But it can be something even worse.

Your brain can be sick.

For example, if you’re addicted to alcohol, narcotics, cigarettes, social media, sex, even in times when you think that religion is everything, it’s not your body that wants these things. It’s your mind that believes you want them, thus your body does everything possible to gather.

And being addicted to alcohol or narcotics can make you do some really nasty stuff.3

So, if this is so serious and shit, why the hell people aren’t taking the appropriate measures to become healthier?

Why we constantly see commercials about drugs?

Why smart people don’t invent a drug that can cure you from everything?

Why you go to see the doctor only when the shit hit the fan?

Why we think that buying a frozen pizza equals home cooked meal?

So many questions, yet, so little answers.

Why We’re Not Taking Care of Our Health?

I never think about how healthy I am.

I was, when I was writing this article, but in general, we don’t ask ourselves, constantly, how are our health indicators? We don’t have a health bar that we can check whenever we want. Even though the later would be a really cool feature of the human body.

Our health is something running in the background. It’s something we notice that exist only when things go bad. It’s like the utilities, electricity or water. We’re so used to having electricity that we notice it exists only when there is a power outage.

That’s exactly what happens with health.

We live our lives, go to work, eat crap, don’t exercise and at some point the mechanic brakes and we have to bear the consequences.

We can also imagine this like a gentle background music playing in a coffee shop. If the owner of the shop stops the music we won’t notice this immediately. We’ll probably understand after a while that everyone is hearing our babbling. And sometimes we notice this too late.

We take our health for granted. We think that being healthy is the default state of being human and that “this disease won’t happen to me”.

Of course, this is something good. You shouldn’t start your day thinking that you’re going to die or that something bad it’s going to happen to you.

Unfortunately, it’s not like that in reality. The people waiting in the reception of the nearest hospital are a solid proof that being healthy is not that common.

Still, we neglect the solid proofs, go to the supermarket, go back home with a frozen pizza and call the family for dinner: “Honey, kids, dinner is ready. Home cooked pizza for everyone!”

Reasons We Don’t Take Care of Our Health

So, let’s look at the most common reason we neglect our health:

  • We feel OK: “If it works don’t touch it” – this line describes how we think about our health. Why should I do something If everything functions properly, right?
  • Weak Willpower: There are so many delicious meals in the world. I’m personally amazed by the number of sweets available to the mass market. It’s often hard to resist a piece of cake or a burger. Especially if you have weak willpower and you lack personal discipline to distance yourself from sweets.
  • Not enough time: Making money and having fun are our main priorities in life. Actually, it’s the reverse: having fun and making money. Exercising and cooking our own meals often ends up in the “I don’t have time” bucket. We have time for playing video games but not for doing a couple of push-ups day. What a shame.
  • We don’t think about the future: Nobody thinks about what will happen in 5 years time. Especially when it comes down to our health. You will most probably never consider that after 5, 10 years you will be weaker and the chance of you being sick increases each passing year.
  • It’s hard and we’re lazy: Let’s be honest, the main reason we don’t take care of our health it’s because it’s not that easy. It takes time to cook your own meal, exercises regularly, resists the smell of burritos, the cake, the chips.

You know now why you’re not doing anything for your body. Now let me convince you why you should:

Why You Should Give a Shit About Your Health?

Obviously for one main reason: When you’re healthy you will feel OK. You will enjoy life and do whatever you want with your time.

But the reasons are more than just not being sick:

  • Time: When you’re healthy you won’t have to visit the doctor. Waste time waiting in line for medicaments or for blood and urine samples. A single visit to the doctor can cost you half of your day.
  • Money: Have you ever wondered why the majority of the ads we see on TV are for drugs? Well, because they can afford it. How they can afford the expensive ads we see? That’s right, because people buy their stuff, thus the pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money. Being sick cost you money. Even if your health insurance will pay for the pills, when you’re sick you’re not working, therefore you’re not making any profit for yourself.
  • Energy: The best thing about having a good physic, being muscular, it’s not only that you will have good Instagram pictures. When you are fit you feel good in your own skin. There is something magical about not having to bear the weight of your belly.

The main thing, however, is that things will get worse over time. No matter what you do, you’ll eventually get older. And getting older sucks. Not only that your skin will wrinkle and your hair will start falling, but there are also other things that will happen: Your back will hurt. You will have troubles with prostate, at least that’s what all the commercials say, and all kind of other pains.

Basically, if you neglect your health today, you will suffer greatly tomorrow. And each pain will cost you a lot of money.

That sounded like a commercial about some kind of vitamins.

But that’s the real truth.

Over time, the body and the mind get rusty unless you do something about it.

That’s the main reason why you should give a shit about your health. Because later in life you’ll feel worse.

But how? I don’t have enough time and I really love frozen pizza? What pills I should take to become healthier.

Let’s see…

What Can You Do To Be Healthier

First of all, pills won’t help you.

Medicaments are advertised like quick ways to be stronger, feel better, be more athletic, lose weight.

The pills and the vitamins we see on TV ads are the equivalents of the “life hacks” and “simple tips” articles we see online: “25 Life Hacks To Improve Your Health ; “20 Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat (Backed by Science)” – yeah, right.

They promise quick results without any effort on our end.

There are countless commercials about pills that will help you lose weight while you’re laying on your bed and eating a ham sandwich.

But guess what, this shit doesn’t work.

People buy these medicaments because they want quick results without the extra effort. But as you can figure it out on your own, if you really think about it, this type of system doesn’t work. Results and no effort can’t exist in the same sentence.

Magic pills that will help you lose weight or become stronger don’t exist either. The pharmaceutical companies are simply trying to “subscribe” you to their pills.

You take the pills > You lose a couple of pounds in the beginning > You believe that they work > You buy them every month > You’re subscribed.

Yes, you might get some results initially but it’s surely not a good long-term strategy.

I’ve tested it myself. A few years ago, I bought a couple of packages of tea, sorry, magic tea, that supposedly had to help me lose weight. It worked in the beginning, but after the first two months, I was feeling worse.

So, what you can do?

4 Healthy Tips to Begin With:

First of all, you don’t necessarily need to go to the GYM. Purchase the “ultimate” training program from a rugged dude online, or go run a marathon.

You need to insert a couple of simple tasks in your busy daily routine. My suggestion will be to start with the following:

  1. Start super small: Don’t aim for 5 workouts per week, don’t even aim for 3. Start with 1 workout per week that will be around 10 minutes. You simply need to convince your body and mind that you can actually do it. Set a date and a reminder on your calendar.
  2. Home workout: Going to a GYM can often cause a lot of stress. Which GYM? When? Traffic? I don’t have an outfit? I’m going to feel lost? What if people look at me funny? That’s why, start with home workouts. There are a lot of videos on YouTube for beginners and you won’t require anything. You can do them while wearing your underwear.
  3. One healthy meal: Replace one meal of your day with a salad. Only one. So, instead of eating 3 frozen pizzas per day, you eat 2 and 1 salad. Agree?
  4. Don’t buy junk food: The best way to reduce the amount of junk food you consume is to remove it from your home. It’s super easy to grab an ice cream or eat chips if you have such in your home. So, the next time when you go for groceries buy apples, carrots, nuts. Remove the junk from your home to remove it from your body.

See, for a long time I thought that being healthy and strong is only possible if I go 5 times per week to the GYM. I stayed for 2 hours and I exercised to the max.

It took me more than 5 years to figure out that the small tweaks in my daily life are actually the important things I need to do for a healthy body and mind.


The problem with health is that it can hit you when you least expect it. Make you vulnerable, exposed and cost you a lot of money and a lot of nerves to recover.

The only way to prevent some nasty things happening to you is to be prepared. To make sure that your insides won’t rust prematurely. For good or for a bad reason, there is no magic pill for that, like everything else in life, this requires constant efforts.

So, make sure to keep the background music playing loud and clear because at some point you might notice that it’s stopped but it can be too late.

Also, throw away the freaking frozen pizza, you can make one yourself in a couple of minutes time.


  1. Yes, I was surprised by this definition when I opened the online dictionary and Wikipedia about the word health.
  2. Even though some people are attached to a chair, they can still live a healthy and fulfilling life.
  3. Don’t believe me, watch this video.
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