Life is like a constantly evolving game of chess where rules and surroundings update against you. If you want to win, you must continuously adjust your strategy and expand your knowledge.

How you can do that?

By surrounding yourself with wise people and consuming practical information.

What Inspired Me To Create This Site

After living for more than three decades, and reading a bunch of books, I’ve come to the conclusion that people can achieve a lot more only if they regularly expose themselves to the right kind of information. To new ideas. Ideas, available in books.

Stuff your mind with reality shows, mindlessly scroll through social media, go on shopping sprees every time you’re feeling stressed and you’ll surely end up financially unstable and mentally damaged.

In contrast, if you regularly feed your brain with ideas and stories from the world’s brightest people you’ll surely increase your chances for a happy and fulfilled life.

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Ivaylo Durmonski. I’m 30+ years old guy living with a girl in Eastern Europe. I’m a co-founder of a baby boy and my favorite activity is reading.

Not quite exciting, I know.

But what I do here can help you become a less sucky person. So, hear me out…

You see, I’m slightly worried. People these days spend way too much time on social media, Netflix, playing video games, eating fast food, getting fast loans, consuming cheap media. It’s like the end of the world is coming and no one cares about what’s going to happen next (nor tomorrow). Being in debt, out of shape, directionless is normal these days, unfortunately.

And since I can’t sit down and do nothing, I decided to do the best I can to help people – to read books and share the lessons learned from them. I know, probably not enough. But hey, I’m not the president and I can’t force tech startups to create tools that can actually help citizens instead of bombarding the online world with more annoying applications.

How I Can (potentially) Help

While a lot of folks think there’s nothing magical about reading, I think it can bring us out of the shithole we’re currently in.

Reading literature can improve your memory, increase your intelligence, reduces stress, help you focus better and a whole lot of other things. Scientists even say that reading can make you a better person.

But there is a problem. People rarely have time to read books.

Between social media updates, shopping sprees, our regular jobs, TV shows, YouTube videos, podcasts, changing diapers, even more podcasts, we hardly have time to sit and read a good book. Not to mention think about what the author wanted to say.

You might be thinking, “I’m OK. I have a good job. I earn a good living. I have around 10,000 (or more) followers on my Insta page. Why bother reading?”

Well, first of all, congrats on the followers! You’re probably a special kind of snowflake.

But seriously, don’t you think there’s a lot more you could be doing? I mean, spending time on social media, streaming shows, buying another pair of shoes surely feels good. However, these superficial things won’t matter after a year or two. Hell, the picture you just posted will disappear in the endless stream of memes, cat videos, and food selfies in less than 24 hours.

Don’t you think you should care about more important things? Like, climate change? Your financial situation? The things you need to teach your kid?

I do!

With my untraditional site, I want to restore the balance. To help more people realize that buying more stuff and getting more likes online won’t magically transform their lives.

I’m saying untraditional because I don’t have ads, exit intents, one-time deals, life-changing checklists, and big fancy banners trying to convince you of buying more t-shirts (like the 37 you already have are not enough?). If you’re here for the ads, or the t-shirts, I have to disappoint you. There are none. Sorry!

But hey! If you’re too fed up with the internet gurus who will say anything, literally anything, to get you to sign-up for their “life-changing” course, you might like the content I publish on my site.

But enough talking.

I hope the purpose of my site is now clear: Expose you to big ideas and important lessons from big books so you can become a less sucky person.

What’s Inside:

Here’s what you’ll find inside my site:

  • Articles (link): I write cheezy-free (+ bullshit-free) articles where I explore various topics. Stuff like habits, productivity, well-being, goal setting and more. Inside these medium-length reads, I present easy to understand strategies that when applied, can have a huge positive effect on your life.
  • Book summaries (link): My main focus here. As mentioned, I strongly believe that more people should read books. But since we’re really busy, I track down the best books on the market and I distill the main ideas, helping readers get the most out of books in less time.
  • Membership (link): I don’t have ads and I don’t sell t-shirts. I’m not hired by a big corporation that wants to brainwash you and turn you into a zombie consumer. I’m just some guy who happens to read a lot. To keep this site alive, I rely on my noble readers. The ones who, I think, believe what I believe and also want to make a change. If you like what I do and if you want to support my online venture, great. You can click here to learn more about the membership options and gain access to all of the book summaries.
    • Private articles: In these members-only articles I share my musings about life, business, and other topics that are already being discussed on this site (habits, goals, etc.). Why care? For the same reason as to why you watch vlogs, listen to podcasts, check reviews of products on YouTube, read memoirs – you want to learn from other people’s experiences. Potentially reading my sometimes scrambled thoughts can give you a fresh perspective about things.

If the above sounds cool, you can join my mailing list by signing up using a form below, or, you can contact me.

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Hope to see you around!

P.S. While I do have social media accounts I rarely use them. If you want to say Hi, be old-school. Send me an email or read more about me by clicking right here.