How Self-proclaimed High-achieving Leaders Achieve Five-dimensional Success?

I’m always on the move.

My life is full of tasks and duties but thanks to my perfectly flawless productivity system, I’m able to complete everything well before the final deadline.

Wondering how I become a best-selling author, a vice president of the largest organization in the world, own a widely popular Instagram account, my cat Twitter page has 1M followers, a famous speaker, a respectful dad of 5 kids, and, an academy award winner movie star?

I bet you do!

Here’s how my typical day looks like:

Wake Up At 04:30 In The Morning:

I don’t even set an alarm anymore. I get up a minute before 04:30 full of energy and eager to face the challenges of the current day.

Of course, it all starts with a couple of minutes of meditation followed by swimming in my private pool and a quick tennis game while playing chess.

I have to train equally both the mind and the body.

Planning And Reading At 06:00:

Even though I’m well aware of what needs to happen as the day unfolds, I take a couple of minutes to organize my to-do list, my productivity planner, my productivity app and of course my vision board. I send a copy to my support group so they can keep an eye of my performance and let me know if I’m falling behind schedule although the latter rarely happens. Plus, I spare around 15 minutes for gratitude journaling.

Once the above tasks are done, it’s time for reading.

I have a spare room for my perfectly organized home library. Thanks to my military training and well practice handwriting, I’m able to take notes without taking my eyes off the book. This way, I squeeze the maximum of every minute in the morning.

I write on a custom-made tablet created by Apple. The app I use on this tablet transforms the words into an audio recording. This allows me to listen to my book summaries while training in the morning or later during the day. The best spend 12,000 dollars + 2,000 a month for support.

Breakfast at 07:00:

At precisely 07:00 AM, I prepare a bowl of fresh Tibetan rare fruits that give me all the needed vitamins for the day. The recipe is available only for my supporters on Patreon. It’s only $199 a month. That equals around 50 cups of coffee per month. But who drinks coffee nowadays?

Speaking of coffee… I don’t drink coffee anymore. My best friend who is a doctor. Excuse me, he is the best doctor on the planet. He advises the president, the previous president, the president before that, and all astronauts going into space. What I wanted to say is that he analyzed the particles that make up the coffee and came into a conclusion that they are not healthy for the body. Instead, I prepare a freshly squeezed juice which I take with me later at work. It has all the needed legal vitamins the body needs: Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, Folic acid, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, and one secret ingredient.

Curios about the full benefits of the cocktail? Join me on Patreon for more information and step-by-step guide that will help you prepare this energizing liquid of superhuman power.

Once I’m ready with my meal I take a cold shower. Yeah, I had a swim but a cold shower has its own benefits.

What can I tell you “the healthy lifestyle is contagious in my neighborhood.”

Commute Time and Work

I either hop in my Tesla, a gift from Elon Musk himself, or I walk to my office. Whatever it is, I make sure I leave net zero carbon footprint on the planet. While I’m walking or driving, I listen to my recordings or one of my favorite podcasts. While doing so, I start writing my next book in my mind. I call it advanced meta-writing. This simple technique allowed me to write 3 best selling books in less than 3 years.

At around 08:30, I walk into my office.

My work is a mixture of meetings with venture-capital firms, tech companies, or Fortune 500 organizations, and I’m also doing charity work for various institutions.

I love giving back as much as taking from people. I mean, only giving back.

Whatever I do, I make sure I don’t waste my time.

Lunch Around 13:00:

I take around 30-40 minutes lunch break to recharge my cells after intense work during the morning. I have a salad in the local restaurant and I carry the juice I prepared in the morning. These two are my weapon for fighting any type of disease or illness.

Afternoons and Evenings:

At 15:00 I hit the GYM. I’ve spoken with various personal trainers and together, we’ve created a custom workout regime that’s tailored specifically for my body.

Each exercise is designed to train the specific muscle group to the fullest. During my training I continue to do my advanced meta-writing. In a good day I’ll write around 2000 words that I later put on my custom made Mac.

Being a vice president of the largest organization in the world allows me to excuse myself from the office earlier than everyone else.

I go back home around 16:30 and I continue with the work. This time, however, I work on my side projects. Yes, I have a couple of them.

I write an article on my blog. I update my social feeds but I make sure I don’t spend a lot of time online because this interferes with my 1 hour a day social media rule (for more info check my Patreon page). Later, I record a podcast and I’ve also recently started a YouTube channel. So far I have only 8 videos but thanks to my popularity online I’m getting 300,000 views per episode only for a couple of days.

Of course, I make sure to put some new content in my Patreon page.

After that, I take the time to put what I wrote in my mind on my computer.

At around 20:00, the whole family gathers for a dinner.

My wife is the best amateur cook on the planet. Personally, I don’t think she is an amateur at all. We’re actually about to open a new restaurant in our hometown where we’ll prepare meals that will please all the vegan society: lacto-ovo-vegetarians, lacto-vegetarians, vegans, and, of course, the pesco pollo vegetarians (For behind the scenes from the preparation of the restaurant check my Patreon page).

So, she prepares a meal for me and the kids and we all gather on the table to discuss our amazing day and brainstorm ways to additionally optimize our daily tasks.

An hour an a half later, I gather the dishes and I wash them with rainwater collected with the help of a well-organized system of tubes and hoses. I did it all by myself and if you check the step-by-step instructions… guess where? On my Patreon page.

At around 22:30 the whole family falls asleep under the sounds of Indian shaman vocals mixed by alpha and beta waves. I call this the soundtrack of life. These unique vibes incline the body to relax and at the same time regenerate the cells. This also prompts dreams about wellness and success.

Is This Possible?

You probably noticed that few of the above things are quite exaggerated. I mean, would people prefer listening to Indian shamans before going to sleep instead of the latest song of Selena Gomez?

A lot of times we see articles that are supposed to inspire us by advertising this military lifestyle that seems possible to be performed only by Chuck Norris and his ancestors.

Instead, when I read such articles I start to feel bad about drinking coffee.

Personally, I was moved to write the above after reading this post. But not only the latter article was an inspiration.

Every productivity guru, high-achiever, leader, mentor, you see online seems to have it all figured out. He/she found the missing key for the perfect balance between work and life. They will tell you how everything they do is well thought out and they don’t leave anything to chance. Of course, at some point they will upsell you for the “ultimate productivity” course that will suppose to transform your life and somehow arrange the stars in the perfect order so you can have more time on your plate.

If you’re desperate and you have money problems, you’ll probably fall into this trap and spend the last money you have to “unlock” the secret behind their success only to see that the lifestyle they describe is nearly impossible to be replicated.

I mean, can a normal human being really do all these things in a day?

Sometimes it seems like these gurus don’t even poop.

But for the rest of the human race, things are a bit different, we have to visit the restroom, plus:

  • You probably have kids, a spouse, neighbors, friends, mom and dad that long to see you sometime soon;
  • Your car will break. You’ll get a flat tire. You’ll often don’t achieve the desired results;
  • It will be hard for you to focus on a single task for more than 5 minutes because your kids are fighting for the remote control in the next room, again.
  • Sometimes a single task like gratitude journaling will take you forever because you’ll try to calculate in your mind the best possible way to spend the last of your money with two upcoming birthdays.

Are any of those things making you a bad person or lazy prick?

Well, it depends on the laziness but above all these things make you human. You will surely fail to achieve some of the tasks and goals you’ve put in the beginning of the year but that’s OK.

A Day In The Life Of The Normal Person

If you’re a normal human being your day will probably look like this:

  • 06:00: Attempting to get up after hitting the snooze button 5 times;
  • 06:30: Up 15 minutes ago because little Steve decided to rearrange the kitchen;
  • 07:00: After cleaning the floor and collecting the broken glass I’m making breakfast for the whole family. The sad part is that I still haven’t brushed my teeth. Mental note: Buy new bowls and make sure to lock the other rooms before falling asleep;
  • 07:40: Cleaning the dishes because the washing machine is full. My soulmate, a.k.a my wife, forgot to turn it on last night.
  • 08:00: Trying to prepare for work and also the kids for kindergarten;
  • 09:00: Around 09:00 I’m in the office after dropping off the kids. The moment I enter the office I’m swarmed with work. In a lot of occasions, I want to get up and leave but someone needs to provide for the family, right?
  • 14:20: Finally take a couple of minutes to eat the leftovers from yesterday’s dinner. I’m eating the same meal for the 5th day in a row. I think I no longer have taste receptors. Mental note: Try to persuade the wife to cook less but more often.
  • 14:45: I’m back in business even though I’m screaming from the inside. I’m bombarded with questions while I’m trying to do my own work and the word focus is fading away with each new message I receive. Someone even send me an SMS to ask me something. Really, SMS? Is this really an option nowadays?
  • 18:00: Even though I’m not at all finished with my work I’m leaving because someone needs to take the kids. If the universe allows it, we’ll all be back home around 19:00.
  • 19:30: Helping wife with arranging the table while trying to explain to my 3-year old that the TV is not portal to another universe.
  • 20:30: Trying to say No to my wife about cleaning the dishes so I can finally start working on my side-hustle but she doesn’t like my answer and we have an argument. Mental note: Please wife and then do stuff you like.
  • 22:30: I was able to write 500 crappy words before falling asleep on my laptop.
  • End of day

Reading the above makes you think that the only way to move the needle closer to where you want to be is by staying awake 24/7. Unfortunately, this is not a good option for the long-term.

You’ll probably collapse after 2 days.

So, is there really a solution?

To be honest, I don’t know.

If you have 4 kids, a house mortgage to cover and your dream is to build a side-hustle like everyone else on the planet, you’ll need a lot of time, nerves and patience.

No matter what you do or where you’re born, if you want to get more shit done and lunch an online business, for example, you will surely need to sacrifice something.

Writing daily takes times no matter how you look at it. Sometimes I need one week to prepare a post of 2000 words, others, I do it for just a few hours.

You will either need to sacrifice some sleep, a night out with the boys, or even worse, hours away from your family.

So, the question, in reality, is this: Is it worth working more instead of spending more quality time with your friends and family?


A lot of times the answer is yes. We need to work more if we want to provide essential things for our kids, get out of debt, move away from a crappy apartment or a crappy job.

The only way you can achieve some of the above things is by waking up early. Sacrificing doing certain pleasant tasks in favour of working. Or checking my get shit done article, here.

Other times, however, the answer will most probably be No. You don’t need more hours working. You need more time with your spouse and your family; More time to travel and see other places; Teach your children important things for becoming better adults.

No matter what you’ll choose, keep in mind that even the online gurus, the self-proclaimed high-achieving leaders have bad days and don’t actually do all the shit they’re mentioning in their books and posts.

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