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Why I Started Unstuck?

The world is disoriented. We’re drowning in information. And I’m not kidding. Cheap media, trivial feeds, and emerging trends are becoming all-consuming. But there is still hope. We can still beat the toxic algorithms, the annoying ads, and cleanse the meaningless thoughts that corrupt our thinking. How? By exposing ourselves to more quality information.



Here's What To Expect Every Wednesday:

Book summary: The key lessons from the latest book I read. No fluff. Only the essentials.

Actionable Articles: One action-oriented article. In these, I explore various topics. Stuff like habits, productivity, well-being, goal setting and more.

Weekly finds: I don’t pretend I have all the answers. There are a lot of folks way smarter than me that produce content way better than mine.

No spam: Want spam? I’m sorry. See, I tried but I can’t send more than one time per week. If you’re looking to get daily updates, I’m not your guy.


About the Narrator

Hi there. I’m Ivaylo Durmonski. I’m a 32 years old guy. I’ve been publishing book summaries and action-oriented articles since 2018. My goal? To help more people advance in life and save their soul from the tyranny of social media. By regularly exposing you to big ideas and thought-provoking questions, and want to help you find direction in this directionless world. 

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