A newsletter fostering long-term thinking in a world driven by impatience. Trusted by over 4,300 people, Farview (formerly The Study) will push you into extraordinary intellectual rabbit holes that will fuel your curiosity, keep your motivation levels high, and inspire you to commit to continuous growth.

The concept?

Farview is a newsletter that promotes thinking and doing. Ensuring that your present actions are enriching – not sabotaging – your future state. The concept is simple: You add your email, subscribe, and twice a month you get a nice dose of partly educational, partly inspirational content that will transform you from passively consuming to actively contributing to the future you want for yourself.

Why subscribe?

Time is scarce. Sadly, immersing in random, low-quality topics online is currently the norm. This newsletter focuses on delivering important mental models to the doorstep of your online mailbox. Farview will introduce you to ideas and concepts that will help you adopt the long-term perspective. Being disciplined in this undisciplined world. Giving you the opportunity to shut the instantaneous banalities online so you can sit, think, and put yourself in a better future position.

Who’s the writer?

Farview is curated by book fanatic and online librarian, Ivaylo Durmonski. And while presented in a written form, the final application of the content that is delivered in the newsletter is not simply for reading. Ultimately, Durmonski’s goal is to make you more mindful of how you spend your time online and free your soul from the oppressing algorithms aiming to capitalize on your emotions by shaping your behavior.

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