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I am on a mission to promote reading, continuous learning, and hopefully be a catalyst that will uplift more people to actively use the information I share – not just passively consume it.

Inquire to become a sponsor in my biweekly newsletter so you can showcase your project/product to an audience of curious minds. A group of people interested in expanding their intellectual boundaries.


  • Reach 3100+ people.
  • The average open rate of my newsletter is ~60%.
  • Only one sponsor per newsletter.
  • Describe your product/service in 190 characters (max).
  • All editions are later added to the archive page where people can still see your offering.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling of supporting an independent writer.


The current cost to sponsor a single edition of my newsletter is $100 (payments via Stripe). Keep in mind that the price will change in the recent months.

How does it work:

You can submit your application by using this form:

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Important note: I’m working hard to deliver high-value information to my readers. This means that I won’t accept every advertising offer. If I feel like what you want to advertise is not a good fit, there is no go. I want this to be a win situation for everyone – my audience, you as a sponsor, and me.

Last updated: 03.05.2022