Decluttering Tips for Girls

Decluttering Tips for Girls – From a Guy

Her glamorous hair was falling gently on her shoulders and smoothly touching the soft skin on her neck. The trembling of her eyelashes was like a well orchestrated screenplay preparing you for the gems hiding inside her eyes. The way she looked at you made you feel uncomfortable and at the same time wanting for more. She welcomes you in her home and your feet begin to shake, you’re both hesitant and excited about what’s next. As soon as you place your foot inside her feminine kingdom you see that she’s not as fragile as you thought.

Girls, women, are gentle and classy creatures but they are not so organized as the society thinks. Usually, you’ll say that guys are a lot messier than girls. Usually, you’ll be right. I personally think it’s the other way around though. But hey, I get it, girls have a lot more things by default than guys: hair products, a lot of hair products, make-up, skin care stuff, lipsticks, bracelets, shoes, another gazillion items that help them achieve their authentic look.

Honestly, you know what girls, we like you better with fewer things, products, on your face.

On top of all these items, they have a family to take care of which also in most of the cases includes their husbands stuff.

Since this site is about productivity and simple living, I thought that it will be cool to write a post about decluttering for girls – from a guys perspective.

Hopefully, the prettier part of humanity can find it useful.

7 Decluttering Tips from a Guy for Girls

Having less around you can help in numerous ways:

  • Less to clean;
  • Less to organize
  • Less stress;
  • More money;
  • More efficient;
  • You can find your stuff faster;
  • Less reasons to argue with your spouse.

Having less is a trending topic but a lot of people are paralyzed and can’t move forward because they don’t know from where to begin.

This is especially true for girls. Only by looking at my fiance’s drawer I get stressed. She has way too much stuff laying around that are never used.

I bet that’s not only with my girl. I’m sure other women around the world find it hard to prioritize their clothes collection their hair products. Not that guys are better, but we’ll discuss this in another post.

Sure, you can read a girly blog where there are some tips, or “the ultimate way to declutter” but that will be again from the perspective of a girl. Why not take a different approach: Read what a guy can say about decluttering your feminine products.

If you’re down, let’s start with:

1. Throw Away All the Beuty Produts You’re Not Using and Especially The Samples

Is this really a thing? Collecting hair, makeup, all kind samples from different companies.

My girl often visits a local shop or a drug store to collect different samples that she’s later going to use. At least that’s what she’s saying.

From my point of view, I believe she is using these tiny bottles to fill the little gaps in her drawer. Whenever I open her desk I’m always amazed by the amount of things inside and especially the cute little bottles of shampoo that will never going to be used but are still there, filling the void.

If we have one advantage over women this will be that we, men, do not use so much hair and body lotions (at least I hope). I’m certain that girls can go without them as well but this is something that they’ve been doing throughout their whole lives. It’s more of a habit. It’s a way of living.

So, I’m surely not going to convince you to not use lotions, oils, shampoos, face masks, and whatever is that you’re using, I’m simply going to ask you to get rid of the excess stuff. The ones you keep for no real reason.

The samples, the gel that you’re going to someday put but for unknown reason you’re still not using and at some point, the best before date has long passed and you end up with a drawer full of expired stuff.

2. Trust One Brand and Stick With It

Ahh, the joy of finding new hair products that are “way better than the ones I’m using now and will definitely make my hair glow and shiny like the girl in the commercial.”

I’m sure that you’re subscribed to a lot of sites that are sending you discount and news about new hair products (and other stuff).

I’m also positive that you’re following a lot of famous people who are only famous for being famous. These people – one of them is the well-known Kim Kardashian – need to make money, right? So, besides spending the money of their partners, they launch a beauty brand. Of course they do. They have a huge following online, a big audience that will consume everything they say, sing, or sell.

  • Is the product they offer any good?
  • Do you need it?

Most probably the answer will be “No” to both.

The older you get, the more you get to know your body. You surely don’t need to test new products every month. You surely know what’s already working for you as a product. Just stick to your brand and do your best to neglect what social media recommends.

Unfollow all famous Instagram models and you’ll see how this little act will impact your budget in a positive way.

3. Remove The Clothes Underneath The Clothes You Wear

Ok, it’s time to open your closet and finally see what’s behind the wall of your favorite pieces of clothing.

Based on my observation girls have 3 types of clothes:

  • Everyday clothes: The ones that are comfy. The ones you’re wearing all the time. They usually take around 20% of your clothing space.
  • Special clothes: The ones for special occasions. Dresses. “I’m going to be model one day” type of clothes. Around 10% of the clothes inside your wardrobe.
  • Not wearing: Old clothes you love, clothes you bought because you thought that “it’s so cute” and such that you’ve purchased on a Black Friday but now you hate. The other 70%.

We all have clothes we’re not wearing in our wardrobe. I can’t quite explain why we’re not throwing them away.

  • They’re a gift?
  • We think that one day we’ll regret if we throw them in the bin.
  • The amount of clothes inside our closet gives us a piece of mind. This way we think that we have a lot of stuff to wear but for whatever reasons this is never true. We always say that we don’t have anything to wear when we open the drawer.
  • We hope that one day the shirt or the dress we bought when we were 20 years old will finally fit, again, but it never does.

For whatever reason, we keep tons of clothes that we are not wearing. But this is not helping us.

I bet that every time you open the drawer you have a tiny heart attack. You need to summon all of your organization skills. Put your Sherlock Holmes hat on in order to find the shirt you’re looking for. The one you’re wearing all the time.

Aren’t you tired of this process?

Removing the piles of other clothes that are in a way so you can find your favorite outfit every morning?

It’s time to finally say goodbye to the clothes you’re not wearing.

Throw them, donate them, sell them, give them to a friend. Whatever it is, don’t keep them inside.

Yes, the dress you wore on your graduation also. You don’t need it.

4. Either Open a Shoe Store or Finally Decide What Pair of Shoes You’re going to Wear

I’ve lived long enough to know that girls have a thing for shoes.

Why is that?

Well, according to what I found online women have so many shoes for the following reasons:

  • Women’s shoe sizes don’t tend to change much throughout her life;
  • Usually, you’ll wear a pair of shoes around a year before they rip but since girls swap pairs constantly, because they have so many, they can enjoy a pair of shoes for years;
  • Different outfits suggest a different type of shoes. Hence, “take me to the mall you cheap bastard”;
  • They wear different type shoes for different occasions. At least that’s what fashion industry what’s you to believe;
  • Because, why not?
  • Shopping for girls is like going to the pub for guys.
  • Apparently, you can never have too many shoes.3

The main reason girls have a separate closet for shoes is related to the amount of clothes they own.

If you have a lot of different type of clothes this will mean that you’ll need a lot of different types of shoes. But we already took care of the excess clothes, didn’t we?

The next step, the one now, is to reevaluate your relationship with your footwear.

I’m sure you have some hidden gems hidding. A pair of shoes you only put when you’re going to a wedding or to a fancy restaurant. OK, you can leave them. But give all other pieces to someone else.

5. Accessories and Trends – You Can Have Less From Both

Since the rapper 2 Chains can own only two chains I’m sure you can go with a lot less jewelry.4

A couple of years ago owning different necklaces was trendy. My girl had at least 10. Her friends got even more. And we’re not even counting the rings, the earrings, the bracelets, and the other accessories I can’t even pronounce.

Her drawer was full with all kinds of additional items that had to intensify her feminine look and make her feel better. Essentially, it was just girls comparing the number of necklaces they have.

What happened after a couple of months?

They didn’t wear a thing on their neck.

What happened with her drawer?

It was again a mess. “I will wear them one day” was the answer when I asked why don’t you throw them away.

Trends come and go but style is forever they say.

You surely don’t need to buy new necklaces, rings, or whatever to feel and look good every month. You need only a couple of items.

Clothing-retail companies want you to believe that you’re not good enough if you’re not following the trend. But they do this so they can sell you more of their stuff.

Keep your favorite items, get rid of all other stuff laying around the house and choose your unique style, a minimal fashion style if you wish.

6. Home Decoration and Other Stuff

Last year, we spent around $300 for Christmas decorations that was basically used for less than a month. That’s a huge amount according to my standards. Also, I believe this was my breaking point.5 Even though I love Christmas as a holiday I hate buying useless stuff that have little to no value. Especially such that I’ll place on my furniture and I’ll only have to dust.

Girls, my girl, I’m not sure about you, used to love home decoration. Tiny figures, candles, all other sorts of stuff that are hard to clean. Thankfully, we now have fewer of these items. I was able to convince her that we don’t need piles of stuff laying around that are not serving any real purpose.

Mainly, we now have frames with photos of our friends and family on our shelves + books.

Is it better?

Way better.

Now you don’t have to remove hundreds of things to clean your furniture and you also don’t spend money on useless things.

There will surely be things with sentimental value laying around your house: An item that was a gift from your father; A vase from your grandma; Set of glasses from your friends for your birthday.

You can keep the ones you want. Others you can “save” in your memory by taking a picture of them.

Surely, you don’t need all of the stuff hanging around the house. 

Remember, the fewer things you have around the better. This will mean less time to clean and more time for yourself.

7. Keeping it Clean and Junk Free

Let’s say you’ve removed the excess stuff. You feel good. You treat yourself with a bar of chocolate. But what happens after a month? You’re probably in the same situation.

Decluttering is the easy part. With each item in the garbage you start feeling a bit better. The hard part is to keep it clean, well-organized and stuff free. Also, it’s hard to resist the temptation of buying trendy stuff especially if you’ve done this for years and if you have friends who only talk about clothes, fashion, new stuff.

Thankfully, some vivid minimalists have created strategies and challenges that can help you change your perspective.

Here are few of the most popular ones:

  • Project 333: Project 333 by Courtney Carver is a minimalist fashion challenge that prompts people to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months. It’s a great opportunity to really think about the things you want in your life in terms of clothes. Also, once you’re done, you’ll surely feel different in terms of how and what to dress with.
  • 30-Day Minimalism Game: The Minimalists, who are kind of the founders of the online minimalism community, invented a cool game. It’s called the 30-Day Minimalism Game. Here are the rules: You need to get rid of one thing on the first day. On the second, two things. Three items on the third, and so on. In the beginning, it will be fun and easy but after day 10 you’ll be like: “should I throw away the TV?” And you know what, maybe you should.
  • Unfollow people on social media: Digital detox is as important as decluttering your physical world. The steps to unfollow people on social media I share here will give you more room inside your brain and more time to do what’s important. You can leave a few people you like. The main idea is to stop using your phone as much as you’re using it now.


Some men, including sometimes me in the past, can live in a trash-looking apartment, walking around pieces of paper, have a pile of clothes right next to us while we eat without even noticing.

Minimalism is not only for men or only for women. It’s for all who want to organize their lives, have more clarity, more time for doing and thinking about what’s truly important in one’s lives.

But my personal perspective is that for women things are a bit different, more difficult. Besides the things we all do, they are also moms, wives, busy making meals, and also taking care of the whole family. On top of that, they do their best to look good even though they’ve been working hard through the day.

Hopefully the tips above can help you, girls, to have a little extra time for yourself. You deserve it.


  1. Apparently it's a fact. There are tons of articles about this syndrome.
  2. Well, I'm sure he owns a lot of jewelry besides the two chains but I believe you got my point. You can see this dude here: link.
  3. Apparently it’s a fact. There are tons of articles about this syndrome.
  4. Well, I’m sure he owns a lot of jewelry besides the two chains but I believe you got my point. You can see this dude here: link.
  5. At least we got artificial Christmas three that we’re going to use for a couple of years.
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