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5 Main Benefits of The Minimalist Lifestyle

5 Main Benefits Of The Minimalist Lifestyle

I the summer of 2005, I got my first summer job. I worked at a factory assembling roller blinds. It was a tiring job but I was finally making some money on my own. I was 16 back then. How did you think I spend the money I earned that summer? English lessons? GYM membership? No, I’ve spent all of the money I earned to buy new clothes. I wanted to be like the other kids, the cool kids, who were wearing cool sneakers and expensive jeans.

Why do I share with you the above? Because we caught this mindset from very little. Even though we are all different, we embrace uniformity. Looking at the other people and trying to look, act, sound like them.

On the other hand, we associate owning fewer things with poverty and inability to take a good care of ourselves and our family. Above all, however, having less things, wearing pretty much the same clothes day after day means that you’re a failure, at least that’s what others want you to believe. A person who doesn’t quite fit the frame created by society.

In order to “fit” according to the outside world, you must obtain all of the things included in the list below:

  1. High paying job.
  2. College degree.
  3. Beautiful spouse.
  4. Big house.
  5. A car for each family member above 18.
  6. Full refrigerator.
  7. A ton of clothes.
  8. Vacations and restaurants on demand.

If you don’t have any of those, you’re an outcast. If you have 2 out of 8, you’re slowly climbing the social ladder. If you have 6 out of 8, your focus is on the two you lack and you now have the opportunity to enjoy how other people look at you. Still, even if you have everything, all essentials, you will soon realize that is not enough, it’s never enough. You can’t have them all.1 When you have a high paying job, or you’ve built your own company, you’re always striving for more, and you never feel really contented with what you already have. It’s a vicious circle of sadness and dissatisfaction.

I know, because I’ve been there. Well, I never had a big house, nor went to a lot of exotic places, but I achieved enough to realize that I will never be really satisfied if I continue to think and act the same as always. It wasn’t until I found salvation in the minimalist lifestyle, till I realized that I don’t need much to be really happy. As long as I’m doing good things, as long as I’m creating content, in my case, I will be glad with what I’m doing.

There will be different benefits for different people but after several months of a lifestyle focused towards consuming less and creating more, I’ve figured out that there are several things for me, personally, that can be counted as virtues of the minimalist lifestyle.

Let’s see what are the 5 main benefits of minimalism lifestyle:

1. more free time

Minimalism is something more than just a lifestyle, it’s an idea, a belief that you only need X amount of things, the right amount of things, not too little, not too much, in every aspect of your life. This includes clothes; jewelry; tableware; glassware; gadgets, and etc.2 Fewer things, or let say the right amount of possessions will give you something more than just a clean and tidy wardrobe, and home in general. It will save you time. A lot of time.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I was quite a fashion addict. I’ve wasted money on clothes like crazy. Some of them I didn’t even wore a single time in my life. And when I was about to go out, I’ve spent something even more valuable: my time. At was preparing for at least an hour. “I’m a boy, and I shouldn’t be wasting so much time,” I thought. But I still did it back then.

My girl does the same thing even now. Like most of the girls, she spends a good hour (or let’s say two) doing her hair and deciding what to wear. Our bedroom looks like massacre when she starts preparing – clothes and make-up products scattered around the room. I tried several times to persuade her that she doesn’t have to own so many clothes and that less makeup is better, but as you can imagine, it was a lost fight.

Hopefully, I was able to overcome my obsession over time. This translated into more free time and more saved money. When you have fewer clothes to choose from, this makes the decision quite easy, also, it gives you a lot of additional time.

Before we move to the next benefit of living a minimalist life, I want to mention something really important: Each new thing you obtain is additionally wasting your time. For example: purchasing a coffee machine will require some time for cleaning it; Owning more clothes will require more time arranging them. Having a collection of hats will not only take more of your space, but it will also require your time, again, for cleaning. This is something really important but often neglected by a lot of people. Think about this when you go to the store next time: “Will this new thing save, or waste my time? And how much?”


If you become a person satisfied with less, a minimalist, you will probably never have to ask yourself the following question: “What should I wear on my best friends birthday party?” Ok, you will, but you will know the answer as soon as you ask it. You have only few dresses or shirts and you know that either of them looks good on you. Why? Because you throw away those that don’t look good on you or no longer fit.

Imagine a world where you don’t constantly ask yourself: What are you going to wear?; Did somebody posted something new on social media?; What are we going to eat today? Imagine you already know the answer to these questions. How would you feel? Relieved, calm, focused. Well, this is what minimalism can give you. By focusing on the essentials, you will block the hundreds of thoughts trying to conquer your consciousness and make you worry about things you don’t have to. If you don’t own a car, you won’t have to worry about paying for repairs, right? That’s the essential thing of living a minimalist lifestyle. You have less and you worry about less things. You gain clarity and better direction in your life.


Obviously, by restraining yourself from purchasing more goods, you will have more money at your disposal.

If I track back all of the money I’ve spent on clothes since I was 16, the amount will be probably more than $4000. Most of them I wore only once and there are even pieces that I never wore. I remember that I was focused on the volume of clothes, not their quality. I was purchasing a lot of stupid things only to have something different to wear every single day. Why?

Well, if we examine the reason people purchase clothes, gadgets, goods in general, we will see that one of the main reason people shop like crazy is the dopamine injection they receive.3 But not only that, owning different things also gives you confidence. So, if you doubt yourself, you will more likely purchase things you don’t actually want to impress people you don’t actually care about.

“We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like.” Fight Club

4. Productivity

I don’t know what kind of work do you do for a living, but aren’t you irritated by the clutter around your workstation? I was.

The drawers in my desk were constantly full of papers, pens, other small things I don’t actually need. The top of my desk was sheltering dozens of things. It was impossible to work in such a mess and I spend a lot of time cleaning things up. Now, it’s quite different. Since I get rid from most of the useless stuff, I now keep only few things on top of my working desk:

  1. Laptop
  2. Wireless Mouse.
  3. Wireless headphones that are basically on my head when I’m working.
  4. A coffee mug , full of coffee of course, put on top of a coaster.
  5. A water bottle.
  6. My diary.

A couple of years ago I read one really simple advice inside a book in regards keeping your working place organized: After you’re finished with your work for the day, clean your place and prepare it for the next day. This way, you won’t waste even a second in searching for a pen or for that precious tool you’re using every day.

Productivity is the natural outcome of living a minimalist lifestyle. It’s much easier to focus on your work when you have fewer distractions around you.

5. Greater Purpose

Let’s see what other people care about, what society makes us desire:

  • Really high salary.
  • The latest gadgets – the new iPhone for instance.
  • Designer clothes.
  • Enormous house.
  • Fancy car.
  • Being famous on Instagram.
  • Admired by everyone.

I think these are the essential things that will make you look like a rock star in the eyes of others according to the latest research.4 Think about the above things for a moment. Do you really think that these things will make you really happy and satisfied? Where is the love? Where is the friendship in all of those things?

At the end of the day, people want to go home and have a decent conversation with their loved one. To shut their eyes and feel satisfaction knowing that they did something good for someone else. Money fame and fortune are not enough. If you look at the people who really make a difference, you will see that they’re not simply trying to make another million, they’re are doing work that is helping others.

If we put aside the desire for more money and more things we don’t really need, we’re left with only one important thing to pursue: helping others. There is nothing more sacred than that. All religions are based on this philosophy. You will be trully satisfied with yourself only when you do work that is focused towards making the world a better place.

Minimalism will help you go towards that direction. By removing everything else that is trying to consume your mind, waste your time and money, you will be left with a desire to help the world and the people living inside of it.


It’s up to you to decide what life you will live. You have the opportunity to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. Minimalism will help you in that direction.

Once you understand that things won’t make you happy, you will focus your efforts towards experiences and work that will improve the world around in a good way.

There is salvation from the pointless desire for more. You just need to understand that there is a better alternative than consuming, that is creating. Create a better life for yourself and then start designing a better life for the people around you. Minimalism is a way to find a light in this shattered world consumed by darkness. Simply reach out.


  1. Or like Pokemon Go fans already figured it out, you can’t catch em all.
  2. There is a very good Swedish word that best describes the idea of balanced living. This word is Lagom. Even though they have their differences, for me, lagom and minimalism are synonyms.
  3. When you’re considering buying something new, you’re basically anticipating a reward, which in other hand creates a chemical inside your brain called dopamine. You know the friend dopamine? He makes you feel good.
  4. Ok, it’s not according to the latest research but I’m sure you know what I mean. All of the above mentioned things are considered a “must have” if you want to be called successful in our current world.

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