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Books you’ll fall in love with. Ideas that will make you rethink your place in the world. Strategies that will help you developed a passion for learning and doing.

The Problem

We are regularly exposed to sources that suggest a change – clever Twitter threads, piles of book lists, gurus promising to fix our psyche, a never-ending playlist of videos that “guarantee” to make us more productive.

Sadly, we rarely do anything with the information we are so quick to ingest. Most commonly, we read/watch something, and we quickly move on to the next “big idea.” Never pausing. Never actually trying the suggested in what we have consumed.

The Solution

What if, instead of skimming through important reads, saving hundreds of Twitter threats that you don’t actually intend to revisit, and torture your already busy mind with 24/7 content consumption, you start to apply the content.

What would you do, if you have access to a carefully curated bibliotheca of actionable content? An ever-expanding library of ideas from great books that will prompt you to think more about important topics, and get things done?

Read Better. Think More. Do More.

Become a supporting member of my site and unlock more great content that will help you read better, think more, and do more.

Reading is the keystone of learning. But learning, alone, won’t help you make a positive impact in your life. Doing, based on what you’ve learned, is what counts.

After all, we are, ultimately, a sum of what we achieve. Not, what we intend to achieve.

The content you unlock when you become a member is particularly useful – and aimed – at people who feel like they are drowning in information but rarely doing anything practical with the consumed content.

By patiently unpacking the key strategies and lessons not only from fashionable books, but also from such that have lasting appeal, I want to help you progress. Help you ​engage in activities and thought experiments. All of this, so you can easily formulate future strategies, better solve incoming problems, and reach your goals.

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What you get when you join?

Full access to all the book summaries published on my site. There are currently over 120 titles summarized – more added regularly.

These mini-versions of famous books, and not only, include a short overview of the contents of the actual title, an analysis of the most important lessons discussed in the book, a section with actionable notes that will prompt you to act, a downloadable PDF, and commentary. All written and edited by me, a passionate librarian and book nerd, Ivaylo Durmonski.

Additionally, I occasionally publish Think Workbooks. These are practical guides outlining the key strategies from a single book followed by guided writing exercises – so you can engage with the content like never before.

Is this something like a cult?

Kind of.

Especially if you consider yourself an extraordinary curious person.

The content is produced by someone who loves books for people who love books.

I worship the worldly wisdom gathered inside hardcovers and what you can do with the insights.

I consider books objects that radiate powerful magic. Ancient manuscripts that hold the steps to cast a spell and transform your fragile body and worried mind into a more powerful entity – OK, we can also just use terms like get better, improve, or being less wrong but I believe you get the point.

See what members are saying…

Words from members

Here’s what other readers—like you—are saying about my work:

“I LOVE what you’re doing. What you’ve curated is rare, incredible, and insanely important. I actually even print out your summaries, cut the pages, and glue them together into small books I can take with me and use on the go.”


“I think you are the best thing since sliced bread. WOW! is all I can say. I showed my colleagues your website and they were blown away. I could spend hours on your site. Thank you!”


This website is… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally! I’ve found something which can help me become more productive. Thanks a lot!

Laura Seaver

“I love your content and I am totally sure that you are going to save my life. You’re the man, that probably saved me hundreds of hours reading and procrastination. You inspired me to write a blog about health and nutrition. Thanks again!”


“I have been following Ivaylo for some time and interchanged some emails about a Greene’s book. The part that really got me is the completely different approach he have on the subject of the book. Is not the book in few words, is more the essence of the book, what the author hide between the lines.

Francisco Q.

“10/10 love this site. Mostly objective (some subjectivity interjected) reviews of the actual content. It’s saved me a lot of time and money on disappointing books and made me reconsider others.”

Natascha Stevko

“I haven’t been able to log out of your site. Like clockwork, I find myself coming here every evening to read more, to learn more and to do more from it. Your summaries are very well written, very actionable and very thoughtfully presented.”

Rishi Bhatnagar


Who created this?

Ivaylo Durmonski (aka the person running this whole site). I’m a voracious reader, writer, obsessed with helping people transition from passive online consumers to active mindful go-getters with a sense of purpose.

I believe that reading good literature can improve humanity for the better. But solely reading, is not enough.

The topics I publish on my site are combining learnings from a range of disciplines – psychology, philosophy, business, finance, productivity, and more. My conviction is that if we expose ourselves to a blend of studies, we can produce something – an idea, a lifestyle – that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Plainly, by distilling the essentials, I help readers understand and apply the concepts from literature gems.

Want full access?

Durmonski’s Membership

Both plans give full access to the exact same content on my site and renew automatically (you can cancel anytime). The Yearly option is commonly selected by readers focused on the long-term game and because of the savings (you save 80 USD).





*Most popular choice. Subscribe as a Yearly member and save $80.

Potential questions and answers:

Why join the membership?

Create consistency in your reading. Understand the main ideas from great books and engage with the content like never before. Fresh ideas every single month. A gentle push to sit, think, and decide how to use the insights from some of the best books out there – not just consume the material and never use it again.

I just found your site. Are you another self-proclaimed guru?

Not at all. I’m just an ordinary guy who reads a lot. I started this site to note the most important things I learn from the books I read. I don’t promise eternal existence or six figures income. My summaries are designed to give you the essential info from the best books on the market and inspire you to make a positive change in your life. Still, I don’t believe I have all the answers.

What happens when you sign up?

The account that will be created when you register will unlock all the book summaries for as long as you’re a member. Also, your email will be added to my twice a month newsletter (if you’re still not a subscriber). This way, you will receive the newly published summaries via email.

How often do you publish book summaries?

I strive to keep a pace of around one book per 10 days. Still, sometimes, I need a bit more time to finish the book that will be later summarized. Or in other words, the minimum is 1 book summary per month while the maximum is 3.

Are your summaries replacements of the books?

My book summaries are not a replacement of the books themselves. By no means, I want to discourage you from reading books – quite the opposite. My hope here is to inspire you to read more. My summaries represent a compressed view of the ideas shared by the author narrated by me.

There are free book summaries online? Why ask for money?

Indeed, there are. While I too love free stuff online, the only way I can continue doing what I’m doing is by getting paid for it. And since I don’t want to stuff my site with ads, prompt you to buy t-shirts, or promote Audible like many other content creators, the membership option is the best way to keep this project running.

Still, why not free?

Running a website is not free, you know? There are certain costs involved: You have to pay for hosting, domain name, email services, etc. But these things are nothing compared to the real cost: time. I need a lot of time to read the actual books and later summarize them. Besides, people don’t really appreciate free stuff. If you’re indeed interested in making the most out of the books out there, paying for the content will nudge you to take action.

Is there a free trial?

Nope. But you can read these 3 summaries completely free of charge to see what you can expect: herehere, and here.

Do you offer refunds? Can I cancel?

Yes and Yes. If you suddenly decide that you don’t want to be a member of my site I can refund the payment in full within the first 14 days – simply contact me. Also, if you become a member and if you decide to cancel you can do so from the account area you’ll have access to as a member at any given moment.

More questions?

If you have more questions in regards my membership program you can send me an email at [email protected]

Still here and reading?

Thank you for taking the time to read everything.

If you consider my work valuable, but if you’re still not ready to become a member, that’s totally fine. You can subscribe to my free newsletter and (if you DO want to help) share my content with your friends. This will help me tremendously in spreading the word out so that potentially more people can find valuable books to read.