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Book Summaries, Sure. But It’s More Than That

I help people lost in the online verse full of shallow, surface content read, think, and act better.

In particular, I travel the narrow corridors of big and small libraries searching for books that have the potential to change our minds – for good. Once a title proves itself that it’s worthy of a spot on my shelf, I patiently unpack the key strategies and shape the vital lessons in insightful narratives.

The end result is a carefully curated bibliotheca consisting of 130+ book summaries (The Library).

An Arsenal for Clear Thinking

Maintaining our everyday focus on the most important thing is vital. But what is the most important thing?

After years of struggling to find the answer to this question. It finally arrived. It’s – based on my experience – our ability to think clearly.

Clear thinking means:

  • Reasoning without being influenced by our biases.
  • Quickly spotting, and then easily dismissing the trivial from the essential.
  • Understanding that insights are important to understand. But true learning happens by doing.

How this can be achieved?

It’s always the same: The quality of your thinking is heavily influenced by the quality of the information you consume on a daily basis.

I am committed to providing lifelong learners who decide to join my membership outstanding brain food in the form of bespoke book summaries.

My underlying desire is to help members of the Library metamorphose from mere spectators and consumers to people eager to partake in the journey of life.

I want to equip you with insights from some of the best books, so you can slay the inner and outer monsters trying to dismay your progress along the way up.

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The Proof is Others

Here is what other readers—like you—are saying about my work:

“I LOVE what you’re doing. What you’ve curated is rare, incredible, and insanely important. I actually even print out your summaries, cut the pages, and glue them together into small books I can take with me and use on the go.”


“I think you are the best thing since sliced bread. WOW! is all I can say. I showed my colleagues your website and they were blown away. I could spend hours on your site. Thank you!”


This website is… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally! I’ve found something which can help me become more productive. Thanks a lot!

Laura Seaver

“I love your content and I am totally sure that you are going to save my life. You’re the man, that probably saved me hundreds of hours reading and procrastination. You inspired me to write a blog about health and nutrition. Thanks again!”


“I have been following Ivaylo for some time and interchanged some emails about a Greene’s book. The part that really got me is the completely different approach he have on the subject of the book. Is not the book in few words, is more the essence of the book, what the author hide between the lines.

Francisco Q.

“10/10 love this site. Mostly objective (some subjectivity interjected) reviews of the actual content. It’s saved me a lot of time and money on disappointing books and made me reconsider others.”

Natascha Stevko

“I haven’t been able to log out of your site. Like clockwork, I find myself coming here every evening to read more, to learn more and to do more from it. Your summaries are very well written, very actionable and very thoughtfully presented.”

Rishi Bhatnagar

Ivaylo-Durmonski durmonski.com

Who Runs The Library?

Ivaylo Durmonski (aka the person running this whole site). I’m a voracious reader, librarian, and writer obsessed with helping people transition from passive online consumers to active mindful go-getters with a sense of purpose.

I believe that reading good literature can improve humanity for the better. But solely reading, is not enough.

The topics I publish on my site are combining learnings from a range of disciplines – psychology, philosophy, business, finance, productivity, and more. My conviction is that if we expose ourselves to a blend of studies, we can produce something – an idea, a lifestyle – that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Plainly, by distilling the essentials, I help readers understand and apply the concepts from literature gems.

Get Full Access to The Library

All plans give full access to the exact same content and renew automatically (you can cancel anytime).

Monthly Pass

$ 29 .95

Great choice if you want a taste of the content.

Quarterly Pass

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