Manuals for Mortals

Practical manuals for confused mortals supporting your quest and helping you fight the complicated challenges of the modern world so you can come out successful.

What are Manuals for Mortals?

In the endless sea of online content. The majority of the resources we find are either too long or too slim. Or even, scattered around the virtual universe for us to find.

Manuals for Mortals are short enough to be finished in one sitting. But long enough to give you all the needed concepts so you can orient yourself in the complex landscape of this thing called life.

These guides are the natural continuation of my work as an online librarian – reading books and writing about them.

Manuals for Mortals are a strange blend. A weird combination of everything I read, everything I learn, and everything I experience. Besides providing you with a framework to solve a specific problem. I also share my own experiences and though-process. I consider these manuals the most important work on my site yet.

Each manual offers a deep dive into one particular topic and aims to equip you with an alternate way of thinking so you can achieve the most of your days.

Available Manuals for Mortals:

Manual #1

Follow Yourself

Manual #XXX


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