Module 03:

Lesson 1: Practical steps on how to use the internet

Wake up. This is where things get really practical. Where we close ourselves in a room, tell our spouse to shut up, say goodbye to our internet friends, grab a pen, and start mapping out our future.

So far we have the following:

  1. How we currently use the internet (Module 01): Wasting time drooling over bikini models and watching videos about becoming more productive won’t help (Don’t fool yourself. You might feel more productive by watching videos on productivity but you’re simply wasting your time).
  2. How we should use the internet (Module 02): Searching for quality resources to read/watch. Realizing that we should restrict the use of sites that are designed to steal our attention and waste our money.
  3. How to stop doing 1 and start doing 2 (Module 03): What is needed to change our internet consumption from (usually) extremely bad and degenerating to straight A type of usage.

In this final module, we’re going to observe point 3.

I’m going to show you steps on how to become more rational with your internet use. How to pause the crazy rush. And, how to make time for things that matter – the ones you listed at the end of Module 02.

Let’s get to work.

Note: Below, we’ll observe ways to become a coder. It’s just for context, of course, you’ll replace programming with what you want to achieve yourself.

Usually, in life, the more things you have lying around, the more you expose yourself to others, the more you surround yourself with books, the better you become. At least that’s what our consumerism-obsessed society convince us to believe.

When it comes to learning online, though, it’s the opposite of what everyone tells you, “buy all the books about programming, lock yourself in a room, and don’t get out until you’re the batman of coding.”

Every librarian will tell you the same thing about reading books. There are 3 kinds of books: “First, there are the books you should avoid reading. Second, the books you should start but never finish. And thirdly, the books you need to read twice.”

Or in other words, we need to focus on the third kind – information that’s so good, that you’ll wish to marry the creator.

You need to be ruthless when it comes down to information – especially online. If something is not helping, run away and don’t look back. If something is good, we need to make sure we get more of it.

How to do it?

That’s right, by cutting down the noise first.

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