Module 02:

Lesson 2: Change your perspective

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

I mean, when you’re bored? When is the weekend? When you washed the dishes and when you have a couple of hours before your favorite Instagram celebrity throws a live event to talk about her lifestyle?

What are you going to do with the extra hours?

As we already concluded, you’ll most probably indulge in the good old-fashioned mindless scrolling. Yep, there’s nothing better than sitting on your couch and just zoning out in front of your plastic screen.

Bet let’s not kid ourselves. You didn’t wash the dishes and this pointless activity is not going to help you in your life.

Who ever won a million dollars by liking photos online?

Who ever became a good chef by just looking at receipts online?

It’s not about what you consume, it’s about what you do with the content you consume.

And also, it’s not about following everyone online, it’s about finding the right people, learning from them, and using what they share to upgrade your own life.

When you obsess about online celebrities and loud statuses. Instead of thinking about your own life, your thoughts get preoccupied with things like Justin Bieber’s new hairstyle or Kim Kardashian height – both things that will be irrelevant after 24 hours.

Imagine it like this: Every new post, video, or story about wannabe star is pilling up. At the end of the day, you can’t think straight. All of this junk starts to weigh on your head.

celebrity updates are piling up
Celebrity updates pile up, consume your mind, and sabotage your life.

Instead of living your own life, and thinking about what you want to do, you go crazy when the current famous boy band shares a new photo online.

We can turn things around, though.

Let’s start by first categorizing the activities we can do online. For simplicity’s sake, we can put them in the following two groups:

  1. Fun
  2. Learning

Unfortunately, as we also concluded, most people are going online to do fun stuff. Which, I hope, is clear by now that it’s bad. It doesn’t lead to any long term gains and it’s not helping you advance.

So, instead of associating Wi-Fi with “oh gosh, I can finally check my Facebook,” start to categorize free public network with, “I have 10 spare minutes, I can continue with my copywriting course.”

When you have a clear goal, the bits of knowledge you consume online compounds like interest. Your focus on one particular topic becomes a stepping stone that enhances your knowledge in the area of your choice.

info online can help you advance
The bits of knowledge found online can serve you as a stepping stone to your future advancement.

It’s going to be hard, I know.

After all, low-effort activities are always easier to do than high-effort activities. 

But if you’re thinking long-term. About your future job. About what kind of person you want to be after a year. Or about buying a house down the road, your main goal should be towards learning new skills every spare minute you have and ignoring the addictive social media sites that only undermining your day-to-day existence.

You need to stop messing around. And respectfully, start using your time properly.

But how?

We’ll cover this in the next lesson.

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