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HI, I’M IVAYLO DURMONSKIivaylo-durmonski

Hello! My name is Ivaylo Durmonski. Welcome to my website. Here I share simple ideas on how to become more focused human being in this crazy world. How to create more physical and mental space for the things that matter most. Declutter your life from all the time wasters and concentrate your energy towards the essential things in your life.

I write, run, read, eat, go out, work, travel. I do ordinary things. But I own extraordinary less amount of things and I’m happy with it. From a guy who was previously obsessed with acquiring more things, I turned out to become a dude advocating minimalism and simple living. My goal is to learn and share the most important, and most practical ways for becoming a more efficient person who is self-aware and knows what he wants. Or in other words, becoming a valuable human being with a purpose.


Generally speaking, my goal here is simple: Help you make enough room in your life for what matter most.

A way to do the above is through minimalism. By blocking the outside noise and by removing the clutter around that is suffocating us, we’ll become more efficient and more focused. Don’t let your mind be consumed by all the stuff around. Our time on this earth is limited and only by focusing our efforts we can achieve what we truly desire.

If you’re interested in becoming a more efficient person in every aspect of your life, you can start your minimalist journey by first reading this article: Why start living a minimalist lifestyle? Also, you can sign up for updates from the form below:

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