Going Further (Email Series)

A 13-day email series on how to keep progressing in a world tirelessly pushing toward regression.

The Problem?

The world is crazy saturated with sure-to-succeed tools aimed to help people escape the grip of consumerism, addictions, and unhappiness. Yet, a lot of us remain stuck in the island of despair. I call it the Stuck Island…

Here’s what happens if you live there: You buy books. Go to seminars. Scavenge the internet, looking for the holy grail of advice. You journal – note down your plans for a brighter future. But, regardless of these seemingly effortful tasks to improve your condition. Your condition remains unchanged.

The reason?

It’s not you per se. It’s the way you are trying to get what you want.

The Even Bigger Problem?

Going further. Making improvements in our lifestyle should be easy, right? After all, we have full access to books on healthy living. Fitness trainers on YouTube. Mindfulness coaches available through phone apps. And much, much, more.

Yet, for the majority of our existence, we remain seated in a chair, mindlessly scrolling through TikTok videos and Instagram posts. Wishing to change our trajectory, but doing little to actually change our trajectory. Why?

As mentioned above, it’s not entirely your fault.

Plainly, half of the world wants you to progress, while the other half is working hard to keep you regressing.

The Concept?

The Going Further email series is about gaining a different perspective – and then going further.

We remain deeply committed to our current (inferior) lifestyle not only because it’s easier to watch how others work out instead of you working out. Not only because it’s easier to read about self-improvement than to do self-improvement.

Our minds remain plagued by distractions because we wholeheartedly believe that change should be done through outside things.

The Going Further email series will teach that positive change can happen with tools that are already at your disposal – you.

Who’s The Writer?

My name is Ivaylo Durmonski. I am a recovered addict. Nice to meet you.

Not that long ago, I was highly addicted. Not to illegal substances. But to the legal substances that are freely available to the masses – modern entertainment, cigarettes, alcohol, shopping, video games, and more.

What helped me transition from neurotic human, chronically drugged and victim to endless streams of mindless engagement. To a person who is no longer hooked to experiencing harmful instant gratifications and capable of managing his own attention. Was the ability to recognize that getting mad at the world for allowing stuff like social media and highly processed food to roam in the world is of no use. Ultimately, nobody can manage our actions but ourselves.

The moment I realized that it’s probably not my fault that the world is crazy saturated with addictive substances. But it’s my responsibility to not use them. I started to move with clarity.

If you, yourself, feel stuck in the endless loop of not doing – or pretending to be doing something. If you feel like you are living in the Stuck Island but want to make a positive change. The next step is for you to take.

If you want to come on this 13-day journey into what I call Going Further, scroll down, then enter your best email address.

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A 13-day email series on how to keep progressing in a world tirelessly pushing toward regression.