Minimalist Fashion: The Definitive Guide

minimalist fashion definitive guide

I worked in a man’s fashion store for three years. There I mainly sold suits, shirts, and ties. During these years, I’ve started to adore fashion, to try different outfits, to experiments with my looks. You can easily fall in love with owning a lot of cool clothes simply because you gain attention from the people around you and more importantly, from the opposite sex. You feel like...

The Reason We Buy Things We Don’t Need? [Durmonskis’ Study]

We buy things we don't need

Before, I wanted to buy all the things. To have everything. And I know why I was constantly thinking about going shopping. I’ve adopted a way of thinking, a mindset, that was constantly telling me, feeding me with the idea that there is always something missing in my life. That I’m not good enough, or not dressed well enough. The only way to improve and feel good according to these...

Why I Became a Minimalist?

Why I Became a Minimalist

All of my life I thought that my efforts should be directed towards buying more things. That's what everybody else is doing. Naturally, I grew up thinking that more things equal more happiness. I turned out that this was one big fat lie. In this post, I will share why I became a minimalist and the impact this lifestyle had on my life.

My Minimalist Travel Packing List and Tips

Minimalist Travel Packing List

If your travel list is becoming bigger with each passing year and you're looking to buy a bigger suitcase, stop what you're doing. I was doing the same thing a couple of years ago - constantly carrying things I never used overseas. Now, it's different. See my minimalist travel packing list and make room inside your bag

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