The Daily Laws by Robert Greene [Actionable Summary]

This is a comprehensive summary of the book The Daily Laws: 366 Meditations on Power, Seduction, Mastery, Strategy and Human Nature by Robert Greene. Covering the key ideas and proposing practical ways for achieving what’s mentioned in the text. Written by book fanatic and online librarian Ivaylo Durmonski. Supporting Members get full access.

The Book In Three Or More Sentences:

If you feel unqualified to plan your life. Create a path for yourself to follow – taking into account the devious nature of us, humans. The Daily Laws will aid you. Robert Greene – an author I deeply admire – consolidating all of his previous books (check out other book summaries by Robert Greene here, here, here, and here), offers a powerful ally that will prepare your fragile psyche for the monstrosities of the real world. As the titles suggest, the book offers short must-follow daily tips. The end goal is you, transitioning from being blindsided by what people present to the world, to adequately fending all of their moves that are trying to rule you.

The Core Idea:

The world is not what it appears. People, don’t wish you well. They wish you to obey their commands and think the way they think. The goal of The Daily Laws is to help you see behind the masks. Spot what really powers others – greed, envy, desire for power – and also identify what moves you. Eventually, you’ll realize that you are flawed – like everyone else. But instead of moaning, by using the suggestions in the book, you will overcome your own negative traits and figure out what you should do with your life.

Reason To Read:

This book is for everyone who needs a life companion. A comrade to point the way. The way the information is presented offers something truly unique. Daily, you’re provided with something to do that will get you closer to being better at not only the work you do. But also closer to understanding the real incentives of the people around. Both needed to gain the strength required in order to handle the difficulties of life.


  • Stupidity is usually a side effect of boredom. Identify your passions. Once you do, focus the rest of your life on working on them.
  • Our emotions are both the things that inspire and sabotage us. Learn to use emerging negative emotions for grandiose things.
  • Life is insultingly short. Analyze how you spend your days. Block the petty distractions and focus on what matters.

7 Key Lessons From The Daily Laws:

Lesson #1: Modern Dangers Are People, Not Leopards

Thousands of years ago. Survival was based on our ability to find food while simultaneously defending ourselves from the wild beasts trying to do the same.

Today, we no longer have to worry about being attacked by a big cat with laser-sharp claws. Survival is based on something much more delicate. Namely, dealing with people.

Yes, our greatest danger is ourselves. We, and the people around us.

We are taught that we should obey our teachers, our bosses, our leaders, imaginary entities that are worshiped around the world.

We are never thought, however, to stop and ask ourselves what we really want. And something Robert Greene points out, whether the person on the other side is actually wishing us well, or simply trying to protect his bottom line.

We become naive, and as the author concludes, “To add to this dangerous brew, our culture tends to fill our heads with all kinds of false notions, making us believe things about what the world and human nature should be like, rather than what they are actually like.”

People don’t want the best for us. They want the best for themselves.

Guided by this simple, at first glance, observation. Robert Greene presents a descriptive yearly plan. A manual that, when used daily, will help you emerge battle-tested, ready for the manipulative and power-seeking individuals we usually identify as friends, colleagues, bosses, and companions.

The Daily Laws is divided into 12 parts – each representing a month from our calendar. Each month focuses on a specific task you need to master so you can get closer to living a fulfilling life. A worthy life.

Once completed, Greene promises that you’ll finally have direction in your life. Finally possess the techniques needed to defend yourself, from yourself. Plus, from the attackers coming from outside people.

Here’s the overview of the content by months:

  1. January. Your Life’s Task: Planting the Seeds for Mastery: We are all unique. We don’t only have a unique DNA. But also a unique blend of skills, interests, desires, thoughts. Figure out what’s your exceptional mix of qualities and map out a Life’s Task – as the author calls it.
  2. February. The Ideal Apprenticeship: Transforming Yourself: Learning from what others have already mastered is the best way to improve, faster. Every career requires taking a path of apprenticeship. Absorbing the wisdom of the people who are already great in your field of choice is a must.
  3. March. The Master at Work: Activating Skills and Attaining Mastery: Becoming great at what you do requires you to keep being great. Inevitably, this means a continuous state of moving, learning, attaining more knowledge. The moment you stop improving is the moment you start decaying.
  4. April. The Perfect Courtier: Playing the Game of Power: In life, we are playing a civilized war. We are trying to please our current “master” while retaining a positive relationship with the rest of the “servants”. We don’t want to appear too ambitious because if others notice, they’ll try to bring us down.
  5. May. The Supposed Nonplayers of Power: Recognizing Toxic Types and Disguised Power Strategies: Recognizing the main motivating factors of people will help you better adapt your strategy. Everyone appears noble, but not everyone is noble. Identifying the envious and manipulative players will defog their real intentions. Noticing beyond what’s presented is a valuable skill.
  6. June. The Devine Craft: Mastering The Arts of Inderection and Manipulation: Interacting with the outside world can be equated to performing. Entertaining the people around you. In this regard, deception and masquerade should be mastered and used to your advantage. Don’t consider these techniques immoral. But ways to convince others in your rightfulness.
  7. July. The Seductive Character: Penetrating Hearts and Minds: Given the fact that we are fascinated by outside appearance. The month of July will teach you how to enhance your charm. Seduce. Influence. Cast a spell on others so they can start to feel strangely drawn by you.
  8. August. The Master Persuader: Softening People’s Resistance: To lower the guard of the other person, tell a fascinating story. Adjust your tone of voice and the words you use specifically to the person on the other end. Always think about how others think to interest them. It’s about them, not about you. Once this is sensible in your communication with others, you will win more hearts.
  9. September. The Grand Strategist: Rising Out of Tactical Hell: Robert Greene defines our lives with the term tactical hell. Our interactions with others are like small battles. We are both trying to dominate the conversation. If you get too consumed by these interactions, you will lose your path. The only solution is setting an actionable strategy that will guide you outside these micro-battles. Elevate you to a higher place, so you can keep your eyes on the big goal.
  10. October. The Emotional Self: Coming to Terms with Our Dark Side: We are not fallen angels. We have dark patterns that, if not understood, will lead to self-sabotage and derail. The text in the month of October will help you understand what are our primitive roots. Then, help you protect yourself from your natural flaws.
  11. November. The Rational Human: Realizing Your Higher Self: We default to laziness. Always taking the path of least resistance. To win, to conquer, we need to touch base with our higher self. To bring out the best of us. For that to happen, we first need to think rationally. Use the emerging emotions as a stepping stone to take action in the right direction. But before that, take the time to think about the situation thoroughly.
  12. December. The Cosmic Sublime: Expanding the Mind to Its Furthest Reaches: Understanding that we are mortals and that our time on earth is limited will create a sense of urgency. Focus you on the most important tasks in life. Stop imagining that you will live forever or that you have time. You don’t. We don’t. Reconnect with your deepest wants and start making progress towards the life you really want for yourself.

“The Daily Laws will take you, the protagonist, on a similar journey through a land full of dangerous and toxic types of people, helping you shed your illusions and hardening you for the battles ahead so that you may find solace and pleasure in seeing people and the world in their true light.” Robert Greene

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