The Bullet Journal Method Book Summary

The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll [Actionable Summary]

This is a comprehensive summary of the book The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll. Covering the key ideas and proposing practical ways for achieving what’s mentioned in the text. Written by book fanatic and online librarian Ivaylo Durmonski. Supporting Members get full access.

The Book In Three Or More Sentences:

The Bullet Journal Method aims to help us become mindful about how we spend our two most valuable resources in life: our time and our energy. Basically, the method presented in this book wants to help you accomplish more by doing less. All of this by writing down what’s essential for you and executing on this short list. This book is a how-to guide for using this flexible framework (bullet journaling, or bujo in short) to organize your life.

The Core Idea:

Mainly, Ryder Carroll, the author, wants to help us organize our lives by tracking the essential things happening around us. The method presented in this book, called the Bullet Journal Method, is basically journaling on steroids. A profound way to sort your ideas and arrange your life. It’s more of a diary, it’s a system for tracking what’s happening in your life so you can find what’s essential for you and focus on doing it.

7 Key Lessons from The Bullet Journal Method:

Lesson #1: Decluttering Your Mind

Studies show that we have around 70,000 thoughts per day. And if we put the amount of thoughts on paper we’ll have enough information to produce a book every single day – that’s a lot of content.

However, unlike books, our thoughts are scattered around the perimeter. Sometimes dull. Other times not so unique. A lot of times struggling to find meaning. But there is a way to find clarity in this chaos of thoughts.

Writing things down, as the author explains, is a way to take control of your mind. Give him context. Stear the wheel into the desired direction.

It’s easy to drift away and think about vacations and beaches. It’s hard to think about what needs to be done. That’s why writing down your priorities, or in general, on a piece of paper will help in these two segments of your life:

  • You can actually see what needs to be done;
  • You can force your mind to think towards a specific direction and get into more details.

We think about way too many things all the time. Most of them don’t really need our attention. However, only when you write everything down you’ll understand what’s important and what you can put in the dumpster.

Lesson #2: Organization Can Be Distracting

In a lot of occasions, an organization can become a cleverly disguised form of distraction. You write stuff down in your 5-year planner and you think that you’re making a difference and working towards your goals but in reality, you’re just writing stuff on a piece of paper. You’re not actually working on achieving your dreams while you’re writing them down, you’re just writing them. Nothing more.

The whole Bullet Journal sequence is designed to waste you as little time as possible. The author of the method is well aware that planning, planners, and notebooks can waste a bunch of our time on this planet. His approach is minimal and focused on results, not mindlessly writing things down for the heck of it.

You can spend hours crafting the perfect plan, the ultimate to-do list. To discard draft after draft till you’ve got the lines perfectly aligned. But that’s not what’s important.

The essential thing is way different. It’s not planning, it’s doing.

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