About Ivaylo Durmonski


About Ivaylo Durmonski

ivaylo-durmonskiWelcome to my personal website! My name is Ivaylo Durmonski, and here, on this site, I will share my story about living a minimalist lifestyle. Not that my story is of such an importance, not at all. What’s important here are the insights and the benefits of a lifestyle focused towards living with less can bring to your life. I hope that you will find inspiration, direction, and meaning. Most importantly, let loose from the things that are only wasting your time and blocking you from achieving something valuable.


What is Minimalism?

Mainly people associate minimalism with people who own a bag of clothes or no clothes at all. Or, a weird religion that is headed by strange, eccentric people who will convince you to give all of your possessions away. Well, I’m sure that there are such people somewhere in our world, but I’m not one of them. I’m a minimalist with clothes sort of speak and I won’t be convincing you anything, simply sharing my journey. Sorry ladies, you won’t see any nude pictures of me on this site.

I believe that minimalism is about optimizing our relationships with everything around so that we can improve our experience in general. In short, minimalism can help you focus your time, money, emotions only towards things that matter and dismiss everything else. Yes, you can throw away half of your stuff and live in a smaller home, but the main area in which minimalism can create most lasting impact is changing the way we handle the noise around and more importantly in our mind.

If you’re not at peace with yourself and you can’t control your actions, you will let other things, outside things or people, that are of little importance in most of the cases influence your mood, decision-making process, and experience as a whole. In contrast, if you understand the world around and you can distinguish a truly important task from the one that can wait for a while, then you will have a much better life than most of the people around you. An example will be a good idea before I proceed: Let’s say you’re walking on the street and you see a commercial of the newest, coolest kicks. “These new kicks are awesome! I need a pair of those. I’ve recently got a pair but these are way better.” If your current shoes are tearing apart you probably do need a new pair, but if you don’t, you won’t really need to spend money on something you don’t need. If you’re in control of your actions and mind you will simply see the commercial and tell yourself the following: “Nice shoes.” And you will walk away.

Minimalism helps you exactly in this direction, through discipline and awareness, you can finally recognize what’s important in your life and what you can let go. This implies for basically everything: relationships; thoughts; things; actions; processes.


Why Minimalism?

Because the universe naturally slides towards chaos, mayhem, you have to harness your efforts towards creating stability, order, and simplicity. Successful relationships are monogamous, requiring care and attention. Successful houses are such that are clean and well organized. The same applies for successful companies. If you’re running a business and you want to thrive, your organization should have clear rules and laser focus. Without effort towards removing what’s not unimportant, things will decay.


A Brief History

Born and raised in a modest family. One of my dreams, when I was a young boy, was one day to earn enough money so I can spend them on material possessions. As a boy, I was constantly jealous of the other kids. My parents didn’t have enough money to buy me the stuff other people had and I was consumed by the thought that I can only be happy when I have a lot of things. I bought my first car at the age of 26 and I felt like I’m constantly falling behind in this imaginary race towards owning a lot. At that time I thought that more, was happiness.

I was able to convince myself that I can only be fulfilled when I have the things on this list: cool clothes, a lot of gadgets, a car (even two), sneakers, apartment.

Well, I was able to cover everything from the list above before I turned 30. The cars, the apartment, the wardrobe full of clothes and the sneakers. At some point, I had it all. Everything I wished for was no longer a dream. I’ve done it. I’ve achieved success according to my standards. Was I happy? Was I fulfilled? Not even close. I wanted more. More clothes, more stuff. Not that I wasn’t satisfied with my life in general. I was. But there was always something missing. I didn’t know what it was but I thought that It can be bought. I often caught myself scrolling online for hours, searching for more stuff to buy. Stuff, that had to fill the void and make my life complete.

I knew that there is something wrong but I didn’t quite realize what it was. Until it finally hit me. I finally understood what I need to do.

What was calling me wasn’t a minimalist lifestyle. It was the self I wanted to be. The minimalist lifestyle was simply the vessel that got me to where I wanted to get to.” Durmonski


Me Today

I’m not quite a fan of definitions, like: “I’m minimalist.” What was calling me wasn’t a minimalist lifestyle. It was the self I wanted to be. The minimalist lifestyle was simply the vessel that got me to where I wanted to get to. I consider myself as a practical guy who prefers to spend his time, money, and thoughts only on things that matter and can actually make a positive impact on other people. I do my best to remove, not think about, everything else that is trying to consume my mind and my time.  Minimalism is simple the word that probably describes best my intentions. Although, I also like how these expressions align with my beliefs: “Essential living; Focusing on the basic; Search for practical things with more than one use; Find the quickest way towards success but don’t compromise on quality.”


My Current Lifestyle

From a guy who owned more than 30 pairs of jeans, I became a person who now owns only 3 pairs: white, black and grey. To be honest, I’m much more happier now. I was able to trim down my possessions, activities, relationships, to a list of few. I now no longer wonder what I need to wear or what I need to do. My tasks are already defined, waiting for me. I simply need to get up and start executing.

I’ve arranged my apartment, my working space, my sleeping space in a way to help me be more effective. My budget is thriving not because I earn more than a year ago. No. The reason is much simpler. I know spend money only on things that are essentials for my life. Everything else is set aside to cover the bank loan I took for my apartment.

Instead of driving a car, I ride a folding bicycle. I do my best to keep my apartment clutter-free, which is actually something in a constant progress stage. Well, you need to compromise when living with a non-minimalist girl. My wardrobe is well organized and I buy clothes that are easy to sustain and match with everything else I have. The sneakers I have are black and white and they are either Classic Converse or Adidas Originals. The clothes I wear, I purchase from one of these 3 brands: Zara; Pull and Bear; Bershka. I’ve stopped looking at the other brands a long time ago.


My Mission

My main mission here is to help you gain back control over your life. We lost the war between us, humans, and the fellow machines a long time ago. The war that so many Hollywood titles fought. A simple phone can make you postpone half your day, which can lead to your dismissal from work. Which on the other hand, can make you homeless. Modern devices were designed to steal our attention and they’re doing a heck of a job. It’s a daily struggle to keep our focus towards the important things.

Minimalism aids exactly in this direction. It’s a way to focus. A way to set your top priorities and direct your life towards these things, and these things only. It’s not about throwing all of your possessions. It’s about making space for what truly matters.

Here, I’ll do my best to show you how by possessing less you will become happier.


Follow My Journey

Thank you for taking the time to read my brief story. I hope that at least a small part of what you read here has been useful to you. If you’re interested in learning more about why start a minimalist lifestyle is important, you can go ahead and read my introductory article.

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